Students of Grade IV B of Ekya J P Nagar put up a class assembly on “Understanding Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset”. This concept can be credited to Professor Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.

The students presented this concept through four different role plays. These role plays reflected the challenges faced by the students in their day-to-day lives. For instance, one of the role plays was about a student struggling with Math concepts and how she chose Growth Mindset to sail through her challenge. After the four role plays, students concluded by summarizing what Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset is all about. Growth Mindset is about believing that one can succeed with consistent efforts and positive attitude. Fixed Mindset is about believing that your capability is restricted and that you cannot improve on areas that you lag behind.

The final takeaway for the school was that one can develop Growth Mindset with persistent efforts, although it might not be easy always.

For more information on the Fixed and Growth Mindset, click here.

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  1. Very nice concept, it inculcates their thinking capacity. Keep going


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