I strongly believe that “sharing knowledge is gaining knowledge”. Teaching was never a dream or wish for me! It all started when I volunteered to facilitate arts to students and in this process, I learned a lot and took all opportunities wholeheartedly. 

Art is not about drawing or painting. In entirety, it enhances one’s perception and makes us better in our interactions, acceptance of others, collaboration with others, and of course creativity. In short, art is one of the best forms of communication as well said “A picture is worth a thousand words”. It helps us share our thoughts and ideas to others in a very detailed and creative way. As I engage in arts with children, I not only teach students but also learn these critical aspects of art. 

Working with students is always fun and not just a ‘hard time’. I have always noticed one thing that whenever one makes an attempt to teach something to someone, in that process one also learns something new. To me, this is the beauty of the teaching profession. It gives immense happiness and satisfaction especially when I engage with young minds like these in the photograph given below: 

Lockdown’s due to pandemic brought to us sufferings as well as opportunities. On the one hand, we all had to go through a lot of difficult times as compared to our earlier days and routines. But, on the other side, it opened up a lot to take our creativity to the next level and learn something new to make our lives better. 

To me, it was all about using digital media and making the best use of time in a productive manner. I learned some new skills and new ways of teaching to accommodate more students across campuses which would have been impossible otherwise. 

I find digital media more fun and also a creative space for learning. But, it cannot completely replace the Canvas which gives me a more practical feel and a fruitful experience of the process of arts while teaching and learning Art. 


Mr. Karthik E

Visual Artist 

Ekya EBTM 

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