“Talent wins games… but Intelligence wins championships”

The Game Fusion Club is an after school activity which happens once a week between 3-4 pm on Tuesdays. Students from across the five Ekya & CMR campuses joined this virtual session. The objective of this club is to engage students in online gaming and boost memory and focus. 

The benefits of virtual gaming include developing creativity, nurturing relationships, and enhancing strategic thinking. It also helps build perseverance, resilience, and improves communication. The experience also builds skills that help students in the future as they focus on various career options. The more complex multi-player games teach strategy, analytics and help assess the risks and rewards, and calls for players to react quickly to changes in the game. The skills acquired become handy in the jobs they take up which rely on problem-solving and strategic thinking. As games allow children to immerse themselves in the virtual world and connect to people from around the world, it could be a great way for them to learn about different perspectives and cultures as well.

The Club showcase was organized as two sessions for Grades 7&8 and Grades 5&6 respectively and about 150 students participated and had fun gaming online. The session began with an introduction to the Club activities and the benefits of the same. This was followed by a presentation of the five games to be played by the participants. The five games were  Cricket World cup, Four Pics One Words, Jigsaw Puzzle, Sudoku, and Crossword. Each game was shown and explained by the Club members and Teachers; instructions with links to the same were provided through the chatbox.

The students were then assigned to breakout rooms along with a teacher and a Club member who assisted them in a time of online gaming. Students were asked to choose one, two, or more from the options provided and play the game. It was a synergetic session as students tried their luck at the different games and shared their victories with the other members in the Breakout room. 

The game time was followed by a reflection activity on the showcase; student experiences were documented on Mentimeter. Students responded on what they liked best about the session and which game they enjoyed the most; names of games that they knew of that could be played online were also shared. The showcase was a success as students enjoyed the fun, interaction, and gaming experience.

It was yet another exhilarating experience!

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