Students and faculty of Ekya School ITPL spent three days at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on account of the International Conference on Surface Engineering, INCOSURF-2018. Ms. Veera and a few students wrote to our ITPL editorial team, sharing their personal experiences at the conference.
Here is an interview with Dr. Dwarakadasa, Chairman, Electrochemical Society of India (ECSI), conducted by Harsh Dudhe from Grade XII, Ekya ITPL.

Harsh: Good morning Sir, as a first I would like to thank you for agreeing to this interview! I have a few questions in my mind and the first is that ECSI has been in existence for 60 years. How do you feel about the longevity & the contribution of ECSI towards electrochemistry in particular and chemistry in general?”

Dr. Dwarakadasa: ECSI has been doing yeomen service in this area and that has kept electrochemistry alive in many schools and colleges. Electrochemistry is in touch with every aspect of human life including healthcare! We will grow in many directions using electrochemistry.

Harsh: “Sir, I saw on your Wikipedia page that you studied metallurgy, I would like to ask you as to why you chose a field looked down upon by many?”

Dr. Dwarakadasa: “Metallurgy covers nearly all fields of science. It covers Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. You said that it was not popular and converted to material science. Due to massive industrial advancements, every college and university is now holding classes for ” material science”. So we need to give prominence to the works of metallurgy.”

Harsh: “How is India doing in the field of science?”

Dr. Dwarakadasa: “India is growing like any other country in the field of science, it is just that we are not getting the right recognition at the right place.”

Harsh: “So how do we gain recognition?”

Dr. Dwarakadasa: “We have to inculcate a sense of discipline in our engineers and scientists. Since we do very good work we should not bend our heads and we should have pride in our work.”

Harsh: “What have you worked on and are proud of?”

Dr. Dwarakadasa: “I have worked for years standardizing Aluminium 75-10 which is used to make Light Combat Aircraft. I spent 10 years with Light Combat Aircraft and feel immensely proud when I see my name in the book of LCA. I am also planning to write a book on the entire procedure.”

Harsh: “Thank you, Sir, it was a pleasure talking to you!”

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