Field trip to Cubbon Park (Grade 2) – Ekya School Byrathi

The students of Grade 2 visited Cubbon park, a historical landmark along with two teachers. Our students are learning about how history surrounds us in their social studies lessons and hence this visit gave them a chance to understand that better.

Students had ample time to make notes about the landmark’s importance. They also had a chance to experience the fresh air and greenery in the city. Students effectively used this time to observe and learn the history of the place. 

Teachers had taken a few worksheets to support student’s learning, in which they marked the name, their observations on the surroundings which allowed them to discuss the following

  • How the traffic on the road is now as compared to the older images of the place
  • Whether there were any additions to the landscape in their surroundings
  • If there were any changes in the name of the place

They also visited Vidhana Soudha (the seat of the state legislature of Karnataka constructed in a style sometimes described as Mysore Neo-Dravidian, Indo-Saracenic and Dravidian styles) on their way back to school. 

This trip allowed them to understand the relevance of history in our present context and also gave them a chance to enjoy the green surroundings of Cubbon Park.

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