Speak on a Topic (Grades 1-8) 

July 30, 2019, saw students of Grades 1 – 8 get ready to talk on various topics. They were all part of the “Speak on a topic” activity.Diverse topics were addressed in this event. Students from Grades 1-8 spoke fluently and confidently on topics like Artificial Intelligence, space shuttles, sports, animals, solar systems, family, transport, environment, to name a few.

They also referred to current events such as Cricket world cup matches, floods and so on when they were speaking on topics of their interest. The event led to a discussion on the various problems that the world is facing such as air pollution and students gave practical, potential solutions for the same. This was an interactive session where everyone was given a chance to express themselves without competing with each other. 

Hindi Recitation  (Grades 1-3) 

Grades 1-3 actively participated in reciting Hindi poems such as Machli Jal Ki Rani Hain, Lakadi Ki Kathi, etc. on July 25, 2019.

Hand gestures, body language, expression and body movements were portrayed by students while they were reciting poems. They thoroughly enjoyed and showcased their talent of presenting what they have learned in the Hindi language classes.


It was amazing to see the children recite from memory and their presentation skills. Their in-depth understanding of the poems was apparent through their perfect gestures and expressions.  

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