Grade 4 students of Ekya Schools JP Nagar had a thrilling experience of spending a day with wildlife at the Bannerghatta National Park. The students didn’t just learn about the living habits of different animals, but the whole experience was instrumental in developing compassion among children for animals.

Here is an account of the experience in the words of Rishikesh Murali Mohan (Grade 4 A)

Field trip to Bannerghatta National Park

I woke up at 4.30 am in excitement and got ready for school in record time. I raced to school and couldn’t believe that today was finally the day of the field trip. Everyone in our class was ready for an amazing field trip. We started on the school bus, all in high spirits. We finally reached the park after a fun bus ride. The moment we reached we hopped into the animal safari, alert and ready for watching wild animals. The bear safari was the first one in which we saw black bears. I knew this was only the start of the wonderful safari. Next, it was the lion safari which was twice as good as the bear safari. We observed how wild animals walk up and down flattening the grass before sleeping. Finally, we saw the white tiger and royal bengal tigers.

After the safari, we saw many animals in their cage like monkeys, jackals, etc. We sat down for lunch and then played in the garden. Then we went to the butterfly park in which we saw cool butterflies, plants and more. After all this, we had come to an end of the trip. While returning in the bus, we played a word building game of what we saw on the trip. It was just awesome! Apart from learning many other things we mainly learnt to preserve the delicate balance of nature. Now I guess I am sure nature trips are not as boring as it sounds!

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