Here is a quick snapshot of the week that was and how it unfolded at Ekya School BTM Layout:

Bebras Computing Challenge

The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students. It is organized in over 30 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing. Each participant gets 45 minutes to answer 15 multiple-choice questions that focus on computational and logical thinking. It is completed online in your own school and it shows to school and student how well their skills are developed.

The Bebras Challenge for India was hosted through a partnership with, a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the Computer Science curriculum in Indian schools. In addressing the computational thinking substrand for Computer Science, we have problem-solving units in Grades 1 to 4. To further expose students to computational thinking aspects, we made all our students participate in an hour-long practice session in computational thinking problems. Between Nov 19th and Nov 23rd, all Ekya Schools conducted the official Bebras computational thinking challenges, including Ekya School BTM Layout.

Special Assembly by Grade I

Grade I B students presented their Special Assembly, enacting cartoon characters as part of their assembly theme. Children were all very excited as they all dressed up as their favorite cartoon characters like Elsa, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, and others. They danced with a lot of energy with smiling faces and highlighted the message they learned from Disney- “never stop dreaming!” and Harry Potter – “choose between what is right and what is easy!” Overall, kids had a ball!

A visit to the Meteorological department

Students of Grade 6 and 7 went on a field trip to the Indian meteorological department. The students were briefed on weather, climate temperature, and surface winds. The various methods of measuring the weather forecast were shown and the working principle was explained by the experts at the Indian meteorological department. Students were delighted and enjoyed the session thoroughly.


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