It is very important to know and keep ourselves safe in this world to lead a happy life. Keeping that as our central theme we conducted multiple sessions for all age groups on knowing themselves and others better and also on how they can keep themselves alert and aware.

For Juniors, we discussed more body awareness. We spoke about safe feelings, touch, and strangers. We also spoke about hygiene and 3 personal safety rules. We grew their awareness about who is a safe adult. The children of this group are a delight to have discussions with. They participated with so much enthusiasm.

For Tweens, we spoke more about their growing up needs and how they can be aware of personal space, consent and boundaries for themselves and others. We also discussed how this is helpful to them in making and maintaining good relationships with all. The feedback from children showed that they found this topic relevant and could relate to the scenarios that we discussed.

For the Teens (depending on age group/ age-appropriate) we introduced them to Gender and expression. We gave them an awareness of Gender being a spectrum. We also reiterated the importance of Personal space and consent for any successful relationship. It was received well by students and they participated actively to make our sessions a success.

We sincerely hope that we were able to leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of our students to ensure they take good care of themselves physically and emotionally.

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