What is self-discovery?

Well, the act or process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character, and feelings is termed or defined as self-discovery. There are certain rules for self-discovery, they are

1. What do we want most?

2. What do we do with our leisure time?

3. What do we think about the most?

4. How do we use our money?

5. The company we enjoy?

6. Who and what do we admire?

and lastly

7. What do we laugh at?

The answer to these above questions is a way to discover yourself. Great personalities have found answers to these questions, therefore they are successful and contented with their life.

                  It is said that the greatest discovery in life is self-discovery. True self-discovery begins when your comfort zone ends. These are mere not just words my friend.

When the pandemic started and the schools and education system came to a halt, we all had our share of worries, be it a parent, a student, a teacher/ facilitator or even the management. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I will be conducting online classes but here I am writing about it. I discovered myself in this process and the confidence it gave me was immense. I got to know more about myself, my students, and how they felt. Yes, I admit it was not easy but not that difficult either. Students are the real strength of a teacher. My students always make me feel special.

Today be it offline or online class I am ready for both.

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