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“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower,” says Alan Kay, the most renowned American computer scientist, and some of them consider him the father of the personal computer.

What is AI?

What is AI

Before dwelling into ChatGPT, in simple terms, let us understand AI or Artificial Intelligence.”Artificial Intelligence is the science of making machines think like humans,” says Aruna Pattam, an AI and Data Science expert. says Alan Kay, the most renowned American computer scientist, and some of them consider him the father of the personal computer.

AI can process large amounts of data, similar to humans but slightly more efficiently. It reads the data, understands its underlying pattern and structure, and provides relevant and refined outputs.

Unveiling ChatGPT

Unveiling ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a conversational language model. In simple terms, an AI that answers questions or performs text-based tasks. All the results produced by ChatGPT are text-based. Other AI models can create images, audio, and video outputs.

How is ChatGPT different from Google


Google is a search engine, i.e., it continuously collects and updates a vast collection of information from various sources on the internet. This information includes audio, video, images, and text, and it covers a wide range of topics contributed by people from different fields.

ChatGPT’s Large Language Model (LLM) is trained on an extensive and diverse dataset, including books, articles and websites. Unlike Google, it does not rely on external internet sources to generate answers.

What Role Does AI Play in Education?

The topic of AI in education has sparked numerous debates, particularly concerning its impact on the population that relies on rote learning and memory-based assessments as the primary means of cultivating creativity and cognitive intelligence. “The traditional education systems centred around these practices are on the verge of becoming obsolete as the demand for progress in dynamic, immediate learning experiences is set to surge significantly.”

Ekya Schools has always believed in preparing students for future challenges and equipping them with skills and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our response to the challenge posed by AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Perplexity, Curipod, and Slides AI.io impacting assessments and learning methods has been to embrace digital transformation in education. This proactive approach benefits both educators and students.

AI for Educators

Our passionate educators and curriculum designers are eternal learners, constantly finding ways to manage time while improving lesson plans, presentation skills, and curriculum by integrating the newest pedagogical approaches and technology in classrooms.

“The role of AI in education is simply as a tool to augment and not replace human skills.”

At Ekya Schools, we see AI as a complementary educational aid for both educators and students.

Top AI tools for better classroom teaching:

1. gotFeedback by gotLearningto generate personalised feedback for students

2. Conkerto quickly create multiple choices, read and respond, and fill-in-the-blank quizzes.

3. ChartGPTto convert texts into charts and graphs.

4. Expontuma quick way to identify knowledge gaps and previous research projects.

5. Magicschool.aiassists in various tasks such as lesson planning, differentiation, assessment creation, composing Individualised Education Programs (IEPs), enhancing communication clarity, and more.

6. ChatGPTallows the exploration of new teaching methods, provides quick answers, generates resources and ideas to conduct interactive activities and more.

Educators benefit by establishing a creative and profoundly interactive classroom environment through AI-based software. Such sessions undoubtedly enhance student engagement, effectively boosting their ability to apply their skills to real-life challenges.

AI for Students

Significant aspects of students’ learning process, such as cognition and comprehension, retention and memory, application and transfer, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and innovation, collaboration and communication, self-regulation and more, are addressed and met in experiential classroom learning.

“Undoubtedly, AI has opened up a new avenue and learning methods for students.”

Key learning developments using AI:

1. Personalised Learning Paths – Learning can now be tailored for the success of each student based on the skills, talent and versatility they possess.
Example: ChatGPT, Knewton Alta & Stepwise Math

2. Focused Practice for Improvement – AI will tailor quizzes and other practice exercises for gradual improvement based on a student’s learning pace.
Example: Yippity

3. Visual Mapping – Visual learning, the most effective method for understanding and retaining information, is now possible across all subject areas, significantly enhancing children’s learning capacities.
Example: SlidesAI.io & Curipod

4. Collaborative Learning – Students can now collaborate with anyone from anywhere in the world, breaking down geographical barriers and fostering a global exchange of ideas and perspectives.
Example: Kailo Edu

5. Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Learning – AI’s ability to simplify complex concepts and ideas has allowed students to learn from and understand renowned published work from across the globe.
Example: AskYourPDF, Perplexity

“Text-based AI like ChatGPT has simplified and enriched students’ learning process.”

Using diverse AI tools has allowed them to re-analyse and restructure their learning pattern, expand and correct their knowledge, and elevate their ideas through beautifully visual and simplified text-based content.

ChatGPT and School Assignments

With the introduction of ChatGPT, simple assignments such as “Write an essay on Pollution” or “Briefly elaborate on the life and works of Shakespeare” no longer pose a challenge for students. To truly encourage the imaginative capacities of those young minds, educators must venture beyond the confines of what ChatGPT can easily and quickly generate.

“ChatGPT allows students to leverage vase databases to improve their learning.”

Here’s how students can use ChatGPT to optimise their assignments:

1. Factual Accuracy – Students can now be accurate in their assignments and learn beyond what is taught in class.

2. Enhanced Creativity – To get those extra points from the teacher or impress their friends, students can be extra creative in how they draft their essays.

3. Critical Feedback – Once they write an essay, they can upload it to ChatGPT, asking for constructive feedback, which improves their writing strategies, conversation style and tonality over time.

4. Improve Writing – Great writing exercises from ChatGPT allow children to hone their writing skills consistently. Even if children copy lines generated by AI, they unconsciously practise the most formal way of writing.

5. Ask Right Questions – Asking writing questions only improves one’s critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills, and it is possible when children provide prompts to ChatGPT to generate answers.

Students can utilise ChatGPT by OpenAI to guide themselves in creating the best and most creative assignments.

Merging Tradition with Technological Progress for Holistic Growth

Amid the march of technology, with generative AI models now at our fingertips, evaluating work and encouraging active student participation is challenging. Nonetheless, the vision and mission of Ekya Schools is to embrace digital evolution by integrating these advancements into the ongoing learning areas while reshaping and reThinking traditional schooling to foster a community of learners, thinkers, doers and changemakers.

A few heartwarming moments of progress in traditional learning that have taken place within and beyond classrooms:

  • Design Thinking – to foster critical thinking, insight identification, collaborative ideation, learning from failures and risk-taking.
  • Aryaman 2023 – Pushing boundaries for a cause.
  • Collaborative Friendship Anthem – celebrating the harmonious melody of friendship with a song from our hearts
  • Spell Bee – Young linguists weave a web of words!

Ekya is one of the best schools in Bangalore where children find a world beyond the boundaries of classrooms; 5 campuses spread across Bengaluru – Ekya BTM, Ekya Byrathi, Ekya ITPL, Ekya NICE Road, Ekya JP Nagar. To learn more about our pioneering education and learning philosophy, visit us at www.ekyaschools.com, find your closest campus here or reach us at 080-46809096.

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Ekya / October 10, 2023

The Truth of Time

The Truth of Time

The mountain tops shiver As the snow begins to shower The water flows to cover The secrets of the river.

The birds trill near the lake As the morning sun awake The lion cub to take The crown for the sake.

The windows patter The things clatter The world scatter As our deeds matter

Isana G K
Grade 7
Ekya Schools, ITPL

Ekya / October 10, 2023

Financial literacy from an early age

It’s Jan 2022, I am in grade 6 as a substitute teacher. I ask the students to introduce themselves. They also get curious to know about me. As soon as I tell them that I am a senior grade teacher and I teach Accounts and Business studies, they are intrigued. The word Business catches their attention and some of them express their interest in Finance.
Now, I was fascinated to hear the word finance from such young children. Particularly fascinated by a young student Ms Ahaana Shetty, who explained how she manages her pocket money, as taught to her by her father. She had a clear understanding of creating a balance between saving and spending.
This was not the case in the earlier times. We can quote examples of celebrities who, despite having earned a fortune, burnt their hands at poor financing decisions. Amitabh Bachan’s ABCL took on more than it could handle, like the Miss World pageant, and exhausted all money. Then it took bank loans which it couldn't repay. Mr. Bachchan had retired, so there was no income and no savings. The moral of the story is, that even if people earn astronomical sums, they need to invest it so that it keeps growing.
Having said that, it boils down to the fact that financial literacy at an early age is pivotal for building a strong foundation for financial well-being throughout life. Teaching children about money, budgeting, savings and investments from a young age will help them make informed financial decisions. They can avoid the financial perils faced commonly by people.
The challenge in educating young children about finance would be the financial jargon which they may find overwhelming and difficult to understand. Hence it becomes important to use age-appropriate terminology.
As parents, we can give a reasonable amount of allowance to our children and ask them to use it wisely for needs, and wants and also save a part of it. This will help them to understand the concept of budgeting. We must also encourage them to make informed purchasing decisions, look for discounts and become a smart shopper.
A simple step like opening a savings bank account for the child and making them understand how a bank account works will introduce them to the importance of keeping money safe. They will understand how regular savings will grow over some time due to the compounding of interest.
Children must be taught about loans too. They need to understand that loans should not be borrowed if one is not sure of financial ability to repay. Also, they need to be taught that loans must be repaid timely, or else they will keep becoming bigger due to accumulating interest.
Older children can be introduced to the concepts of stocks and mutual funds. They can be encouraged to follow investments over time and learn about the dynamics of stock markets.
Schools can introduce financial literacy programs and take initiatives to incorporate financial education as part of the curriculum.
I would like to conclude by saying that it is essential for everyone to be financially literate and wisely invest money to grow it. It is equally important to keep track of investments. One should not spend more than what one earns, even if the earnings are enormous, otherwise, the money will not last very long. Remember, it is your money.

Ekya / October 10, 2023

A Guide To Navigating Academic Stress

Academic pressure and impending board exams can feel like an overwhelming storm, but as a 10th-grade student who's been through the burnout ringer, I've discovered effective strategies to stay afloat. When stress creeps in, I lean on a toolbox of coping mechanisms that help me maintain balance and clarity.

Understanding my panic patterns has been key. I've learnt that giving my all is important, but the outcome isn't a mirror of my worth. I remind myself of this and reframe my perspective. To escape my study-clogged mind, I turn to books – they whisk me away to new worlds, however briefly. Music acts as a soothing balm; I limit panic to 5 minutes and then channel my energy into finding solutions.

Engaging in physical activities is another lifesaver. Running or spending time outdoors channels my pent-up energy, allowing my mind to reset. Moreover, taking up hobbies like painting or playing a musical instrument provides a welcome distraction and cultivates a sense of accomplishment beyond academics.

Remember, you're more than your grades. Embrace your unique strengths, employ these strategies, and watch stress lose its grip. With determination, self-awareness, and a dash of escapism, you'll breeze through the academic whirlwind.

Written By: Ahaana Singhal Student of Grade 10

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#TeacherBlogger: कामयाबी के लिए जरूरी है लाइफ स्किल्स By Ms. Shivani Singh, Ekya Schools, JP Nagar

अगर किसी भी व्यक्ति को किसी भी कार्य में सफलता पानी है तो इसके लिए उसे स्वस्थ होना बहुत ही आवश्यक है, क्योंकि जब तक स्वास्थ्य अच्छा नहीं होगा तब तक सफलता प्राप्त नहीं की जा सकती। किसी भी व्‍यक्ति के सफलता में उसकी जीवन शैली सबसे महत्वपूर्ण होती है,इसलिए किसी भी इंसान को सफल होने के लिए अपनी जीवन शैली या जीवन कौशल को सुधारना सबसे जरूरी होता है। जीवन कौशल वो सकारात्मक योग्यता है जो व्यक्ति को रोजमर्रा की जरूरतों तथा कठिनाइयों से गुजरने में समर्थ बनाती हैं।

क्या है जीवन कौशल? (What is life skill?)

हर इंसान के जीवन में उसका सकारात्मक व्यवहार व आउट-स्पोकन, वह योग्यता होती है जो उसको सफल बनाती है। किसी भी व्यक्ति की आउट-स्पोकन उसके जीवन को दिशा देती है। अगर किसी के जीवन में आउटस्पोकन, समय प्रबंधन, सात्विक चिंतन, संबंधों में सुधार, स्वयं की देखभाल के साथ-साथ पूर्णतावादी होना जैसी जीवन कौशल है, तो वह अपने जीवन में चुनौतियों का सामना कर सकता है।

आउटस्पोकन होना (Be Outspoken)

आउटस्पोकन होना एक ऐसा कौशल है जो हमारी भावनाओं, आवश्यकताओं, इच्छाओं तथा विचारों के स्पष्ट तथा विश्वासपूर्ण संप्रेषण में सहायक होता है। यह ऐसी योग्यता है जिसके द्वारा किसी के निवेदन को स्वीकार करना, किसी विषय पर बिना आत्मचिंतन के अपने मत को अभिव्यक्त करना, प्रेम, क्रोध इत्यादि को अभिव्यक्त करना संभव होता है। यदि आप आउटस्पोकन हैं तो आप में उच्च आत्म-विश्वास एवं आत्म-सम्मान तथा अपनी अस्मिता की एक अटूट भावना होती है।

समय प्रबंधन करना (Time Management)

कोई भी इंसान जिस तरह अपना समय व्यतीत करता है वह आपके जीवन की गुणवत्ता को निर्धारित करता है।। समय प्रबंधन का प्रमुख नियम यह है कि आप जिन कार्यों को महत्व देते हैं उनका परिपालन करने में समय लगाएं या उन कार्यों को करने में जो आपके लक्ष्य प्राप्ति में सहायक हो।


संतुलित आहार व्यक्ति की मन: स्थिति को ठीक कर सकता है, ऊर्जा प्रदान कर सकता है, मांसपेशियों का पोषण कर सकता है| संतुलित आहार व्यक्ति की रोग प्रतिरोधक क्षमता को मजबूत बना सकता है तथा व्यक्ति को अधिक अच्छा अनुभव करा सकता है। जिससे वह जीवन में आने वाले दबावों का सामना और अच्छी तरह से कर सके।


व्यायाम ऐसी प्रक्रिया है जिससे हम अपने शरीर की देखभाल करते है। बड़ी संख्या में किए गए अध्ययन, शारीरिक स्वास्थ्य एवं स्वास्थ्य के बीच सुसंगत सकारात्मक संबंधों की पुष्टि करते हैं। व्यायाम जीवन शैली में वह परिवर्तन है जिसे व्यापक रूप से लोकप्रिय अनुमोदन प्राप्त हैं। नियमित व्यायाम वज़न तथा दबाव के प्रबंधन में महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाता है तथा दबाव, दुश्चिंता एवं अवसाद को घटाने में सकारात्मक प्रभाव प्रदर्शित करता है। अच्छे स्वास्थ्य के लिए जो व्यायाम आवश्यक है, उनमें तनाव या खिंचाव वाले व्यायाम जरूरी है। जहाँ खिंचाव वाले व्यायाम शांतिदायक प्रभाव डालते है, वहाँ वायुजीवी व्यायाम शरीर के भाव-प्रबोधन स्तर को बढ़ाते हैं।

By Ms. Shivani Singh Teaching Staff Ekya Schools, JP Nagar

Ms. Shivani Singh

A Quick Guide On Ways to Boost Your Child’s Attention Span


"Are you a busy professional or a full-time homemaker struggling to keep your child focused in a digitally advanced world?" Then this article is for you! Children are high-energy beings who enjoy jumping from one task to another. They are naturally curious, constantly seeking new things to discover, learn and experiment with. However, they often feel constrained by the limited time in a day to explore everything they desire. They gradually increase their attention span as they age, although it varies from child to child. Observing and allowing your children to naturally develop focus and sustained attention is essential. Simultaneously, it is beneficial to establish a suitable environment for them to grow into it. Creating the right space doesn't necessarily require out-of-the-box techniques. It simply involves channelling the energy you already spend in your daily life towards enhancing your child's attention span.

Strategies for Succeeding Through Punctuality in Education

Not only children but also parents find themselves at a crossroads navigating a world that has forgotten deep focus. Struggling to find a balance while fulfilling the demands of the modern world makes it challenging for you to serve as strong role models for your children. Following is a short exercise to help you experience how limited focus has engulfed lives: Did you begin reading this article going through each paragraph sequentially, OR did you skim, focusing mainly on bold headings and key points? If you did that, here are some reasons why:

1. Fast-Paced Lifestyle

Engaging in numerous tasks within a tight timeframe due to the high activity level often poses a challenge for maintaining complete focus on a single task.

2. Multi-Task Culture

As a consequence of a fast-paced lifestyle, frequent switches in focus between various activities and inputs can lead to attention deficit.

3. Short Entertaining Content

Constant overflow of quick bursts of infotainment has accustomed us to follow similar patterns in our daily tasks, even those requiring a longer attention span.

4. Know-it-all Culture

Instant access to information and expertise has contributed to fleeting attention as we rely on quick answers and surface-level knowledge. All the above-mentioned factors permeate your daily lives, creating a challenging environment for maintaining focus. It is essential not only to recognise the direct influences on your children but also to be mindful of certain indirect aspects affecting them.

Direct influences on your children affecting their attention span:

Brimming with curiosity and innocence, children are eager to explore the world by wholeheartedly immersing themselves in it. It is fascinating to witness their firm intention, enthusiasm and commitment to attaining their goal of achieving the privileges of being a "full-grown adult," regardless of future consequences, making them solely reliant on adults to guide them. Yet, here are a few aspects that may have affected children's ability to develop focus naturally: 1. Easy Access to Gadgets: All the entertainment applications in a gadget is designed solely for high engagement. Therefore, its constant usage encourages fragmented focus among children, leading to frequent distractions. 2. Instant Dopamine Hit: Online games, fun YouTube shorts and Instagram reels offer quick, instant dopamine hit in all of us. Children exposed to this have poor tolerance for longer tasks that don't provide immediate contentment. 3. Instant Gratification: Playing games is not just graphically attractive and eye-catching, it also provides instant gratification through rewards and achievements. Our young gamers develop a taste for immediate rewards, hampering the patience required for focused tasks. 4. Lack of Creativity in Daily Tasks: If there is an abundance of engaging and fun online content floating around, the attraction for sustained focus/attention would appear monotonous and dull or, in Gen Z terms, “lame”. 5. Rote Learning: Children accustomed to memorisation-focused education or learning may reduce interest and engagement in tasks requiring deep work.

Simple ways to transform your home into a focused atmosphere:

1. More Play Time

Contrary to common belief, the best way to observe children naturally focusing for more extended periods is by letting them fully engage their high energy outdoors. After substantially expending their energy, they naturally settle down and enjoy focusing on what's in front of them, much like during play-time.

2. Wake-up Music

Various researches on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) recommend music therapy to promote attentiveness and improve focus among children. This is the simplest way to elevate little ones' focus effortlessly. Play focus music before they wake up, filling their environment with attentive energy. Here are a few songs you can begin with right away: Morning Music, Buddha's Flute, and Study Focus Music.

3. Redefine Tasks

Always refrain from labelling homework as boring. Instead, embrace a positive approach by redefining tasks children might typically dislike. For instance, instead of presenting studying or homework as a chore, refer to it as a focused, fun exploration period. This method of transforming perspective simply by positive and enthusiastic words encourages engagement and enthusiasm among young ones.

4. Right Nutrition

Prioritising nutritious food is crucial because your diet shapes you. Opting for energising choices like fruits and nuts during the mornings enhances clarity and focus. Including spinach and other greens in their afternoon meal supplies vital daily nutrients. Lastly, a dinner platter with lean protein such as paneer or tofu paired with roasted vegetables and a whole grain roti or quinoa pulav, with fewer spices, is ideal for a peaceful night's rest. As you create a focused environment within your home, finding a similar one outside is crucial for your children. This could involve enrolling them in performing arts, visual arts and sports classes such as dance, painting, swimming, or karate, among others. These activities help them channel their energy and build a life of discipline. Selecting a school that genuinely nurtures and amplifies their natural development is of utmost importance.

Creating an enriching learning environment outside your home:

Schools are the best place to enrich a child's learning experience, an opportunity for them to learn and grow with like-minded ones. It is crucial for you to find schools that discourage outdated learning methods, such as rote learning, and encourage a well-rounded, learner-centric experiential curriculum at par with global standards. Ekya Schools empathises with parents' concerns and addresses the need of the hour by seamlessly integrating diverse methods of learning into the curriculum to help our young ones exponentially build sustained focus. The educators at Ekya have taken several initiatives, such as creating a positive classroom, promoting physical movement during class, imparting important life skills, and teaching the right nutrition. Our technology-rich immersive learning experiences constantly embrace the challenges of the new world to foster - structured routines and consistency, introduce mindfulness and mind-body connection and continuously encourage and challenge inquisitive young minds. Your children will embark on a reformative journey with Ekya Schools, a pioneering IGCSE, ICSE & CBSE institution nestled in Bengaluru's heart. Join us across our five vibrant campuses: Ekya Byrathi, Ekya ITPL, Ekya JP Nagar, Ekya NICE Road, and Ekya BTM Layout. Let's help our children to find a world beyond the boundaries of the classroom and digital cage!

Find A World Beyond Boundaries

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