The Annual Sports Day helps children to explore their hidden sports interests as they enjoy a healthy competition with each other. More than the physical activity, such events help children build confidence and social skills. Sports activities also teach children the benefits of goal-setting and practice.

Students of Ekya School JP Nagar pre-primary performed different drills based on the Folk theme, such as Goan, Punjabi and Dafli. All our events and drills were based on traditional games.


When final rounds of all events for students were concluded, it was time to conduct some fun activities for the parents and the grandparents too. With a few twists and turns to the traditional games, our grandparents enjoyed ‘Passing the Coconut’, our mummies played the ‘Tyre Race’ and the daddies had some fun in the ‘Shelling the Groundnut’ race.

We ended our events with a price distribution. Certificates and medals were given to the students and a small token of appreciation for all the parents and grandparents.


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