“Is your child reluctant to wake up for school in the morning?”
“Is he/she disinterested in attending classes?”
“Do you wonder why?”

It is widely understood that a child’s learning curve can be greatly influenced by their curriculum, pedagogy and the personalities of educators. However, it could also be argued that issues in the school environment may contribute to a lack of interest. A child spends/Children spend around 4-6 hours of his/their day at school – effectively making it their ‘home away from home’. Child development researchers have highlighted the importance of school infrastructure for student engagement, learning and overall health, both physical and mental. The results of a 2017 National Achievement Survey for grades III, V and VIII indicated that there may be an association between poor school infrastructure and low motivation when it comes to learning. Studies showed that students attending schools with lower standards had an inclination towards lower academic performance than those who had access to stimulating classrooms and facilities. Ultimately, it is clear that appropriate school infrastructure plays an important role in enabling students to grow holistically.

How Ekya Schools Uniquely Designed Campuses Ensure Student Well-being?

  • Sprawling Campuses

Ekya Schools has five forward-thinking campuses, designed to be energy-efficient and technology-driven, spread across the vibrant city of Bangalore.

The student-centric campuses are designed by some of the leading architects in the country, they are visual masterpieces that provide a healthy atmosphere for the students. ITPL Branch at Chinnapanahalli Main Road has been meticulously crafted with smart spaces to ensure the physical and mental health of children. Mr. Sanjay Mohe, an award-winning architect with national acclaim, designed BTM Layout on NS Palya Main Road to nurture student well-being. Byrathi Campus on Hennur-Bagalur Road boasts state-of-the-art infrastructures and facilities tactfully built for optimum student welfare. Finally, NICE Road‘s Mylasandra Campus stands out among the rest, spread across two-and-a-half acres with accommodations for approximately 1500 students.

The unique elements in our campus design include:

  • Spacious, , well-ventilated, and strategically built classrooms
  • Smart boards and technical tools for digital learning
  • Child-friendly furniture & panoramic windows throughout the building
  • Large amphitheatres, auditoriums, conference rooms, and meeting rooms to accommodate a varying number of visitors
  • Open spaces that allow free movement of students
  • Outdoor areas with lush greenery, sand pit, and beautiful decorations
  • Playground and indoor courts for a wide range of sports activities
  • Temperature-controlled, all-weather swimming pools
  • Well-stocked, spacious, fully furnished and child-friendly areas dedicated to specific activities (e.g. scientific experimentation, digital design, reading & creative writing, school assemblies, performing & visual arts, sports, cultural performances, etc.)
  • Resource rooms, staff rooms, placement & counselling rooms, etc.
  • Green Spaces

Child wellbeing experts recommend making close connections with nature because exposure to greenery and natural elements stimulates a child’s five senses. It encourages them to think, experience, and act on self-formulated ideas. Considering the physical and mental well-being of students, we have incorporated sufficient green areas with oxygen-producing plants around our buildings where they can take a walk, indulge in their free play, or carry on with their musings.

  • Adequate Light & Ventilation

Proper sunlight and fresh air circulation inside a building can help maintain good health by reducing stress and preventing the spread of germs. Large glass windows & well-placed air ducts inside classrooms ensure the physical and mental wellness of children. They keep germs away and allow the entry of fresh air with natural light inside. They help maintain an optimal room temperature and offer breathtaking views of the outdoors.

  • Stimulating Learning Spaces

Colours and aesthetic elements shape children’s psychology and affect their wellness. Our aesthetically pleasing buildings are decorated with warm, toxin-free hues, comfy furniture, and visual elements that make coming to school an engaging experience for students, teachers, and visitors. Students across various grades (early years, elementary school, middle school, and senior school) have special studios dedicated to specific activities. They are stocked with the latest, age-appropriate learning materials and technology to facilitate hands-on, experiential learning.

In addition to this, our campuses have separate entrances for small students. They include facilities for specially-abled students. The safety provisions include infirmaries, CCTV monitoring rooms, manned entries, and access-controlled lift areas. Moreover, our colourful corridors are dotted with smart classrooms (furnished with large pin-up boards and technical tools) to enhance the efficiency of the teaching-learning process. 

  • Award-winning Pedagogies Connecting Conceptual Knowledge With The Real World

Educators at Ekya are trained to blend the infrastructural elements, tools, technologies and facilities with classroom lessons. It engages all students and gives them a chance to interact with their environment. We implement a personalised, in-house curriculum supported by research-based, award-winning pedagogies to ensure that children can live their lessons by applying their knowledge in real-life contexts. Our lessons appropriately balance online and offline activities so that learners experience the best of both worlds.

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