As a new student in Ekya, many aspects of the school were alien and different. Since I came from other than regular school, every single part of the school was new, but I enjoyed every step I was helped. It was a new way of teaching and education; I made many friends and quickly interacted with almost every person. I felt truly welcomed, which helped me fit in and feel comfortable with the teachers, students and everyone. All the teachers are fun and helpful regarding my doubts and just teaching in general, and the extra attention I get helps a lot.

The main thing that intrigued me was the “Zero Period” hour that we had on Tuesdays and Thursdays, where we did various activities and competitions such as “Fire-less Cooking”, speech and drawing competitions, did small skits about multiple topics. We explored a new side to education and school. We had experts come and talk to us about sustainability in a community and about photography and their life experiences. This enabled me to think about what I could explore as a high school student across specific fields I could also take up as a profession.

Other Events, such as special assemblies, took place once a month in which each class prepared an hour’s worth of entertainment, education and fun to teach the other students valuable lessons and their take on them. This term, the 10th and 9th graders grouped to teach everyone the importance of honesty and hard work, and we prepared a dance, a skit and many short stories so our schoolmates and friends could implement those values into their lives. Overall, I have had a terrific experience at school this past term, and I am eagerly looking forward to the time ahead.

James Joseph, Grade 9

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