What is better than giving a reality to the childhood rhyme ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ and making children feel and feed the farm animals?

What is better than touching our roots most skillfully?

The students of Ekya ITPL put these selves in the farmer’s shoes and encountered the natural world around them.
Students gained empathy towards the animals by petting and adoring them on their laps and shoulders. They also learned how to feed them with pure love. They know about various fishes and how eagerly the fish fry( a stage when they start feeding themselves) has their food. They understood how a fry grows to a fingerling.
They investigated caterpillars and learned how compost can boost the soil nutrient and how a seed can be planted into a plant.
Indeed, it was remarkable to see the little children’s enthusiasm and how they meticulously observed every detail.

Sheba Lal Bhatia
Ekya ITPL, Grade 3 Teacher

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