Classroom management

“Starve their distractions and feed their focus”, is the mantra to keep students engaged. Students returning to school after a break are distracted and distressed, this takes away their focus from learning and the teacher’s focus from teaching, and the process of teaching-learning is affected.

Here are a few tips to help both learners and educators to overcome the hindrance:

  • Try to understand the reason for the shift in behavior, sometimes students just want to be heard and understood by us. A little compassion goes a long way.

  • Always encourage students; affirmations motivate students to show their best behaviors.

  • Having self-reflective conversations help the student understand what went wrong and how it could have been better.

  • Maintaining friendly eye contact while teaching keeps students attentive in class discussions.

  • Setting rules before you begin to teach makes students aware of the expected conduct.

  • A surprise class quiz at the beginning or end of class can keep them hooked throughout; also setting healthy and meaningful consequences will help.

  • Allowing students to roleplay (as a teacher) will instill empathy and appreciation for the teacher’s efforts.

All the best teachers!!!!!!

Ms. Rumana

High school biology teacher

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