The School Independence day 2022 – My Experience

The morning of any major event in school demanded that I wake up early, and I always obliged. So naturally, I had gone to school at least 45 minutes earlier than was expected of me. A palette of greens, oranges, reds, blues, and yellows burst against my face and the familiar chattering of the students chased away my morning drowsiness.

Being one of the 10th graders, I had the day’s course of events already memorized from the weeks of prior practice. Yet, the butterflies of excitement danced within my gut, their soft wings brushing against my insides. The crowd of students was increasing in number, each of them garmented in gorgeous Indian fabrics. The Bharatanatyam dancers laughing and giggling in their beautifully decorated faces, the little boys and girls eager to show off their dance moves, and our beloved teachers bringing the whole canvas of young nationalism together sparked the atmosphere with pride!

The day officially commenced with the march past the senior school. Although we were joking and laughing together, we were all intently after the 200 House points that were promised to the best marching House and I believe that we set our ground ablaze with the fierce competition! The marching ended majestically and the guest speaker was called onstage while we students gathered to sit and watch him. I suppose for me, the real amusement came with the fun dances that followed.

My personal favorite, the “Parachute Dance”, as it was nicknamed, was incredibly delightful to watch and we, the students of the march past, started clapping, cheering, and moving along to the upbeat music! All the parents and teachers seated in the audience were having immense fun watching the lively dancing by the younger students. This event was followed by the glory of talent brought by the amazing Bharatanatyam dancers and it was fascinating to know that behind those lovely painted faces and wonderfully coordinated choreography, were my very own classmates and friends!

The day bore witness to many such outstanding performances by the students. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the familiar faces of my classmates in the audience, who weren’t participating in any of the events. It was deeply comforting to know that they were there to cheer for us. After the climax of our school’s national celebration, the air was buzzing with excitement and I just knew that feeling of patriotism sparked within every single one of us!  We chatted up with our teachers and parents about how wonderfully the day had turned out and many of the parents had personally told me how much they loved our performances and the grace with which they were executed.

Truly, it was a day to be remembered!

Mohana Veena, 

Editorial Head

Grade 10B

Ekya School – JP Nagar

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