Adjusting to the new normal has been a pretty smooth sail for most of us, as compared to the minorities at least. It’s been almost 17 months or a year and a half since all of us heard the word ‘corona’ first, and I just had a massive reality check moment about a week ago. The last year and a half have been super monotonous for me; getting up, doing school, doing homework, studying if I want to, and wasting or whiling away time, and the whole process repeats. Productivity has been superficial, only an idea that exists on apps like Pinterest and wonderlit blog posts I read sometimes, and self-help videos that have become a source of entertainment rather than serving their purpose. They make it seem so easy, but it’s not. To sit and do something worthwhile for a confined period of time has become such a task. I admit that I’ve been constantly distracted, but that’s why I’m writing this because I know the majority of us students are facing this too. 

Online school is something that I really like, and I think a lot of aspects of it should continue even with the reopening of in-person classes. I hope it does. A lot of tools we use right now are really great and effective in learning and should be continued, and taken upon. Coming back to the point, there’s a lot going on for us all right now. I’m constantly running from one thing to another trying to finish everything and holding everything by this thread that might just become loose one day, and break. And that’s when I thought what is productivity without peace? 

To truly be able to give it you’re all in anything, there should be some motivation and enthusiasm to complete said task. We all lack it sometimes and go through extended periods of no motivation to study or do anything that actually has a purpose. For example, over this big lockdown, I gave up on many of my old habits, like reading. Firstly, I thought I didn’t have enough time to sit and finish the books I wanted to, and secondly, during the free time that I did somehow manage to get, I focused my leisure on shows, and movies, etc. It became so bad that even when I tried to read something new, I couldn’t. This territory was new to me. I had never faced the inability to read for my pleasure, being an avid reader since I was a kid. It spurred emotions in me, and I knew something was wrong. I did, in fact, leave reading for myself for a long time, until just a few weeks ago, when I picked up a book that had been sitting and collecting dust and read it when I was a little sick and had nothing better to do. I finished the book within a day and I was so glad to know that I still had that imaginative side of me intact. 

What I’m trying to say is that when we savor the authentic parts of our soul, we achieve a little peace and motivation. We need to keep giving ourselves small reminders that to achieve one big goal, whether you know what that is or not, we need to do smaller things right now, as a person and student that will help lead up to it. We all also deserve breaks, and rewards because no one can survive in an only work environment and routine. Your big goal in life doesn’t need to be your destined career path, it can be as simple as wanting enough free time for yourself, completing an art project, or who knows, living in a big mansion someday. All I’m saying is that there are plenty of goals out there waiting for you to put on your determined face and best foot forward so that you can reach out and attain them. I hope this little article or rant really, of mine, gives you some encouragement or propels forward that drive to do a little better, because you can!

Misha, XA, EJPN

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