Snakes – The Misunderstood Creatures

This month at Ekya ITPL, we had an extremely informative and interesting expert talk about snakes with Mr. Yatin. It started off with simple stories and bits related to the wonderful reptile.  We then moved on to the basic questions including why snakes exist in the ecosystem and their importance in the same. I, for one, am very scared of snakes, so when Mr. Yatin told us that they are more scared of us than we are of them, it came as a huge relief. Hereafter, we discussed the animal’s reaction to us. Elaborating on their beautiful form, we got Information on their:  body-color, characteristics, common occurrences, diet, and more. 

He then informed us about the big 4. These are the venomous snakes and the most important snakes in India, which are: speculated cobra, russell viper, common krait, scaled viper. Then the kids enjoyed a fun game of spotting the russell viper! Moving back to the more Informational side, he spoke about the more harmless snakes, Indian rat snakes (most common), a checkered keelback water snake, striped keelback snake, wolf snake, kukri snake, vine snake, brahminy worm snake, cat snake, Indian rock python and finally the trinket snake which are the most beautiful in Bangalore according to Mr.Yatin.

He then pointed out the differences between venomous and non-venomous snake bites, modes of snake which include chill, defense, escape, and offense. Moving along the topic of venom he informed us about some mistaken identities, where a non-venomous snake mimics a venomous snake, and how to identify species of snake and know if the snake is venomous or not. A common mimic used in the United States for snakes is: if red touches yellow, dangerous fellow if red touches black venom lacks. We were then presented with information about snake bites, the difference between venomous and poisonous and types of venoms, feeding strategies, snakebite prevention, and snake bite care, you could see the amazement on participants’ faces.

Lastly, we had a fun little quiz (which snake is most dangerous and what is the snake) with a tremendous amount of participation. It was followed by a round of quick questions and answer with a very curious crowd. Everything was explained so systematically, I personally loved everything about the session especially the venom part of the session and quiz. It was truly a fun experience learning about the slithery serpents.

By, Dwiti Dhotrekar, Grade 11

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