Burnout is defined as harming one’s health due to exhaustion through overwork.
Grade 10 is a crucial year and comes with a lot of pressure to score well in board examinations. Last year, the uncertainty of boards, the piling assignments, and having to spend the entire year at home, vexed me. After classes were done for the day, I would still be in meetings for group activities or preparing for presentations.

I had never experienced burnout. I suddenly lost all motivation to study and often had emotional breakdowns. I was tired and irritable because of constantly being in front of the laptop. As exams came closer, the signs got worse. All I wanted was a fresh start, 10th had been going on for longer than a year ( as portions started in term 2 of 9th grade and boards were constantly postponed) and I wanted it to end so I could start focusing on the subjects enjoyed most in 11th. My family was awfully worried as I had completely changed.

Exams came closer, I fell ill with all the stress. My body was crumbling and my mind was chaotic. One day, my phone was buzzing frantically -BOARDS WERE CANCELLED!. I felt a rollercoaster of emotions, but I realized that now I finally had time to focus on myself. Throughout the holidays I indulged in activities that I enjoyed such as painting and learning a new language. I watched movies and spent time with my family and focused on self-care. I started doing light meditation to clear my mind and it helped me immensely

Mental health is a significant topic that must be talked about. Students are affected the most and the current situation is playing against their favour. We need to understand how important it is for us to take care of our mental health.

Having burnout is not embarrassing, it is your body telling you that it is time to put yourself first and take better care of yourself. Don’t go through it alone, confide in friends and/or family and take some time out from your busy day just to breathe and be yourself. Take a break! Start reading that book you bought thinking that you would read it but never got time to. Pamper yourself with your favorite food and a movie. Take a nap, go for a walk. Remember that you matter the most and it will get better!

By, Rudra Ajay, Grade 11, Humanities

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