The idea behind making this movie was that the parents wanted the child to spend his time on something worth the screen time.

This summer, all our holiday plans were canceled because of the dreaded coronavirus. But an advantage of this was that I could spend the whole day playing.

I found an app that allowed me to make stop-motion animations with Lego people and bricks. I made a few films using all my Legos, with a little help from my parents. I learned how to edit the photographs, sequence them, and add sound effects to make a nice animation film.

In my toy box, I found a small ball that reminded me of the coronavirus, so I decided to use that in a film!

I wanted people to understand the effects of social distancing in this pandemic. When people don’t stay far from each other, they have more chances of getting COVID 19, so, stay far and stay safe!


Ishan Thomas

Grade 3C

Ekya BTM Layout

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