One of the many things I like about my school, Ekya J.P Nagar, is its spirit of widening the platform and providing all types of opportunities to each and every student making sure they find their interest, hobby, and talent. This year took a really unfortunate turn in a flash due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and yet, nothing could stop my school from making sure all of us are engaged and made to feel at school. The clubs for this academic year, 2020-2021 have been offered to us which are of varied types, and personally, I, a student of Grade 10, think it’s an amazing exposure to all of us as it helps us analyze our interest and liking towards something particular and since I am on the brink of making my career choice, this is an excellent opportunity for me to find out my aptitude in my passion. 

When I was 8, I remember watching national discovery where I observed how the photographer had shrewdly captured each and every single detail, which amazed me because he managed to get a view of an image which was a million times bigger than the camera he used to capture it. From then on, I began researching photography and made it my hobby. Wherever I went, I used to capture images of even a mosquito, because that’s how much I liked photography. I was really overjoyed when I found out that our school had a photography club. I was overjoyed at first, but then I thought about how it would affect my studies as it added an extra hour per week. I initially decided not to join, but then after a lot of thinking, I realized that just an additional hour per week shouldn’t affect and stop me from achieving my passion. I want to pursue photography as a hobby later, so I thought, “Why miss out the opportunity of learning something during this pandemic which might prove very useful for me in the future”. And that’s how I landed in the photography club.

On the first day, I was really excited as I didn’t expect to learn about photography so fast. It turned out to be a really great introductory session where we learned all the basics about photography, the types of cameras, the principles of photography and how to capture an object effectively by using the simple electronic devices available.

The second class was also very interesting as we learned everything in depth, the different types of lenses and how lighting plays a crucial role while taking pictures/photographs of a subject. The club is good exposure for me, and opportunities like these don’t come by often and I am really very glad that I decided to join this wonderful club. I hope I can learn a lot of things and make most of my time while balancing academics and other activities too.

I am really thankful to myself for deciding to opt for the photography club, which by the record, was done just a few hours before the deadline. I hope this experience of mine would inspire all of you to take time and start developing and working upon your hobbies and passions too!





Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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