Ekya School JP Nagar held a Science Exhibition on 31st October 2017. It was a fun-filled event with a whole lot of interesting projects and working models. The showcase brought out the creativity and innovation of our students, whose ideas were completely out-of-the-box! Students were given the choice to make working models of any science stream: Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Our Editorial was on ground, covering the event. Here are some of the many interesting projects from the exhibit:

“We made Candy Floss!”
Cotton Candy Vending machine by Diya Anil Kumar and Trishikha Kiran Rao of Grade 9

 Candy Dispenser and Water Purification

Candy Dispenser and water purification by Omkar Rajesh of Grade 9

Hydraulic bulldozer by Vaishnavi R

“BOOOM!!! It goes!!”

Bazooka by Sanjan D. Murthy of Grade 10.

Solar Eclipse model by Nawal Kotla of Grade 7.

“Care for a little electricity?”

Conversion of Mechanical energy to Electric energy by Prathyush Jain and Vibhanshu Bhagat of Grade 9.

“Break some tension here”

Surface tension project by Isha Saxena of Grade 10.

“Let’s cool down a little”

Air conditioning model by Sameecha Sudheer of Grade 10.

Electric Canon and Kaleidoscope by Nithya Anantharaman of Grade 7.

“We sure have tight security”

Security System Door Alarm by Anirudh U. Reddy and Sushant R. Naik.

Hybrid Generation by Sharvari Ramesh of Grade 9.

Aside these, some of the other commendable projects were:

  1. Remote Control Car – Prasidh and Areyen.
  2. Solar Oven – Adithi Guruprasad and Yukta Jhaveri.
  3. Table-top Hover Craft – Daksh Patel.
  4. Elephant Toothpaste – Tauksik Anil Kumar.
  5. Blobs in a Bottle – Vinay and Eshaan.
  6. Hydraulic Arm – Sushmitha Saladi.

We laud the effort put in by our students for putting up their fantastic and innovative ideas on showcase.

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