Principal’s Office

by Rukith Nayak, Grade VIII, Ekya School BTM Layout

I walk along
Slow and steady
Without a break
I’m still not ready
What have I done?

I’m really scared
I haven’t been mean to anyone
I hope I’ll be spared
I’m going down the stairs
Shuffling over

Everyone else stares
I hope I find a four leaf clover
I keep my head down
I hope he’s not mad at me
I still have my confused frown

He’s always so scary with his goatee
I’m on my way
I’m almost there
I hope my worst day isn’t today
I’ve been honest, I swear!

Please, I’m sorry
For whatever I’ve done
I used to be so happy
Don’t ruin my fun
I’m at his door
What should I do?

He’ll come at me and roar
I still don’t have a clue
I walk in and he tells me
“Can you give this to your class teacher?”
Yes I’m free!
I will still live on to the future!

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