I joined Ekya Schools in May, 2021 and my experience in Ekya School, Byrathi has been an enriching one till now. I am sure this experience will continue in the future. The primary reason for such an experience has been my inculcation into the IGCSE curriculum. I teach Environmental Management and Biology in Grade 9. What is particularly engrossing for me is the use of practical skills and analytical thinking that are promoted in the highest standards in this curriculum. This helps the teachers to learn along with the students. I have found that the subjects involve topics that are explicable in a very conceptual manner. 

The focus is on applying these to the real world to enhance students’ understanding of the concept. It helps develop a story around every concept. Also, all the chapters are linked to each other, forming a holistic network of understanding around the entire subject. I particularly enjoy helping students make these interconnections in my lessons. For example, subjects like Environmental Management concern a lot of important issues that are transdisciplinary in nature and draw on disciplines like Statistics, Economics, Social Sciences, etc to name a few. All of this and never missing crucial facts that affect us at individual, local and even national and global levels. 

My students enjoy the various tools and resources and respond well to new ways of learning in my Biology lessons. This also drives me and other teachers to think of conducting lessons in an innovative manner. Overall, the students are involved in learning in an experiential manner that has a very practical and hands-on approach. It also helps in a smooth flow of communication between the teachers and the students, leading to better understanding. The IGCSE curriculum, overall, has been a real learning experience for me and I look forward to more in the days to come. 

Samadrita Majumdar
Senior Grade Faculty, Ekya Byrathi

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