Our trip to Grameen Camp started with excitement and joy. We all had come loaded with snacks and started sharing and enjoying it with our friends immediately after boarding the bus. We had been thinking about this trip ever since it was announced to us. The anxiousness made us feel the journey to Grameen camp longer than it was. The happiness was visible on everyone’s face as soon as we reached our destination.

We were delighted by the sight of farm animals at the entrance. We walked past them and were directed to the cafeteria where we were served with amazing food. After the tasty breakfast, we were divided into groups and each group was asked to wear different color bands.  Our tour guide was full of energy and shared some exciting vibe with the group.

We played ‘lagori’ in a new way. We were directed to a small, open play area and were split into two teams. Our tour guide showed us how to play their version of the game, lagori. We were fully involved and enjoying the game, but it was time to end it and move towards the next activity.

We then headed to the ‘Jungle Gym’. We were sent into free play and we messed around with everything possible. Later all the groups gathered together for lunch.

We headed to the cafeteria where lunch was served to us. Just like breakfast, it tasted amazing! After lunch, we continued with the free play. We played with tire swings, rods to walk on, ladder, ropes, and a tree house. We tried to sling-shot a paint can and climb trees. We were also taught to play marbles. It was a fun, quick game. Some of us found certain games hard but overcame their fears with the help of their friends. 

This was just the beginning, there were a whole lot of activities planned for the day.  We were taken to ‘Madake Mane’ – the pottery house where we met a potter in the hut. He spun a wheel on the floor with a stick which was poked into a half hole, it amazed us all! Then, he slapped some clay onto the wheel and shaped the clay like he had years of experience. In a few seconds, that lump of clay was a beautiful pot. Each of us was allowed to try our hand in pottery, even our teacher also tried it. It was such joy to get the hands dirty in clay. 

Then we headed towards a small hut where we met a Carpenter. He spun a wooden rod and carved it using a blade. He then colored the perfect sphere he made using wax. The output was amazing and perfect. In the same hut, we got a chance to try using the old kitchen equipments and know more about the things used in the olden days. This was fun too.


Later, we were called for a ‘tractor ride’. This got us all very excited. We mounted the tractor that was parked outside the camp. We had a very bumpy, fun ride. We reached a small place under a tree and got off the tractor. We played funny games by combining our name. The result turned out to be very funny! We headed back to the tractor and reached the camp.

It was time to head back home. We did not want to leave the ‘Grameen Camp’ but had to get back home in time. So we left packing all the good memories of the place.

By – Ashmita Hakkalamani, Dhruv Rajesh Sakala, Manya Bhaskar – Grade 5, Ekya School JP Nagar

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