Education meets Sweet Treats

By Richa Thyagarajan and Purvi Mathur, Grade 9B, Ekya ITPL

The students of Grade 9, Ekya ITPL, had a fun day in the Unibic Factory. The drive from the campus to the venue was approximately two hours long. With music and dance, the students enjoyed themselves on the bus ride. It was fun and frolic, and that’s when we reached our destination.

On arrival, the students were provided with protective gear in order to maintain a sense of hygiene. A vast number of processes were involved in the making of these mouth-watering biscuits, cookies, and bars, that included the mixing of wet and dry ingredients, molding, baking and cooling of batter, and packaging. The young learners learned these processes through the factory tour, headed by a quality analyst. Freshly baked samples were distributed to the visitors. It was impressive to see how machinery and technology were replacing manpower, but, a balance has been achieved with the right number of machines installed, creating dependency on manual labor, therefore creating jobs for the factory workers. When questioned about commitment to uplifting the environment, the choice of oil, plastic, and efficiency of production, their faculty tried persuading us that Unibic is a pioneer of sustainable production.

 The trip was indeed a melange of Economics and Production, Management and Culinary Sciences. This company exports to over 15 countries, preparing over a hundred tonnes per day. These delicate and assorted treats have brought smiles to a large number of its consumers.






















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