One of our young budding poets, Rishikesh Muralimohan of Grade 3 at Ekya JP Nagar writes this piece, thanking trees for the role they play in the environment.

Thank you, Trees,
For giving me clean air to breathe,
Even though you don’t at night,
You still give air when it is bright.
You grow bigger and bigger by day
And when winter comes, you turn grey.
In the spring, you have fresh new leaves
Which sway when there is a breeze,
You give us many fruits to eat,
And in return, we give you water to greet.

You have a home for squirrels, birds and their nest,
Even when your branch breaks you are still the best!
You give us lot of wood to build,
With flowers and leaves, you get filled.
You have many brothers and cousins,
Some of them give rubbers resin,
Your cousin, the Coconut tree, is a great sight to see!
Your little brother gives us a magical chocolate bean
Which turns into the yummiest candy you have seen!
Your aunt, the sugarcane tree,
Gives us sugar for free!
Your uncle, the beautiful banyan tree, is so wide
And gives many species of animals place to hide.
You have a lovely sister, the Red Gulmohar
Who just needs some space to grow over.

Your Grandmother, the Neem tree, keeps infections away,
So we can have a healthy day!
You make our neighbourhood green,
With you, it always looks clean!
You also give me shade
But sometimes you get trimmed by a blade!
You are unfortunate because of us
You get chopped down to make way for a bus!
Even then you are just the same,
You will never lose your fame!

Rishikesh Muralimohan
Grade III A
Ekya School JP Nagar


Posted by Ekya


  1. Rishi’s family elders feel extremely happy with the Ekya School management’s initiative in bring out the latent talent in children like Rishi. Magnificent way forward in nourishing genius of the young! Thank you!!


  2. Nice and relevant poem and glad the importance portrays of very life of the world
    Congratulations and move ahead
    Success is yours
    Onam rangaiah


  3. GREAT poem


  4. Beautifully written.
    What a message
    Proud of u Rishi


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