The events of the past few months due to the COVID crisis have changed the world in many ways. The education system also had to face its impact. Many forward-thinking institutions have started with virtual schooling. 

My daughter Sunidhi is studying in Ekya school, making the use of resources and digital platforms available, Ekya school has been able to continue to provide quality education to the students. Although during this transition phase my daughter had to make far bigger adjustments as learning has always been in classrooms with physical presence and interaction with the teachers. Not to forget the peer interaction and playtime with friends. However, this technology-based online learning method has allowed the interaction between the teacher and the student as close to a real, classroom-type experience, as possible. Though the transition felt a bit confusing at first but with assistance and guidance from us, parents and the teachers my daughter is now able to cope up with this new learning method. The virtual school has kept children engaged during this COVID crisis. The regular classes being conducted in an organized manner by the Ekya school, together with the community connect programs and after school learning programs have helped my daughter follow a set schedule and have developed a sense of independence and self-assisted learning. 

Also, I assume the continuous learning programs through online schooling will prepare students to head back to actual school as soon as things get better without any discontinuity in learning. 



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