Nothing Teaches us better than experiences!

I strongly believe that life for everyone is full of experiences. Some are worthy and some are ruthless. The cherished are those which are most exciting and interesting. I really admire the quote – Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. Such an escapade in my life is my teaching at Ekya School.

Coming On-board

I still recall the day when I was first interviewed by the HOS, Ms. Sreepriya, and Coordinator, Ms. Mathangi. My interview went well but I was still wondering whether I would get another interview call and will they select me? It had been a year-long since I had shifted my role from a teacher to a homemaker. But now I again wanted to go back to my teaching world, my passion.  With all the thoughts just running in my mind I was prepared for any answer that I would get. Fortunately, the answer was YES!

And, here I am sharing my experience of teaching at Ekya with you all.

Enriching Experience

This journey began in July, though not the beginning of the academic year with all the support from the teaching staff and the coordinator I got comfortable and followed the system soon. The teaching approach in Ekya is more elevated than the approach followed in other schools that I have worked at earlier.  I was initially flabbergasted with all the methods and techniques. But, it slowly settled. I could now relate and deliver the things as they were supposed to be done. This change wouldn’t have happened without the help that I received from Ms. Meenakshi from Ekya – BTM. Things now started getting really better.

The Rush

Whether online or offline. The methods and the tools used in teaching really act as a special kick for me. Yaa! You got it right, Kick as in – adrenal rush. The games or the quiz played with the students during the class are a lot of fun which also helps in testing their knowledge. The bonding increases due to various activities like the practice to welcome kids into the class and sharing good things.

Funtime at Ekya

The celebrations during the festivals are so motivating. They make you feel special and wanted in the structure. And the enthusiasm of all teachers when we all are together is just amazing. Hence, all the get-togethers ROCK!

The Journey has just begun 

Being new to the system I always keep waiting for something more to learn and adapt. The learning sessions, meetings, touchpoints just keep adding bit by bit to my knowledge. Yet, there is so much more to learn, discover and adapt. I am just at the beginning point.

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