“Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of Humanity.”
– P.T. Barnum

The second day of Ekya Book Nook’s virtual Literary Festival was a combination of expressive Storytelling sessions, intriguing Writing Workshops and mesmerizing Author Speak sessions. There were three sessions planned for the first time slot between 2.00 to 2.45 PM. There was an Author Speak event by Ms. Lavanya Karthik for Pre Primary Students. She spoke about her book, ‘When Adil Speaks, Word Dance.’ She introduced the theme of making friends with a deaf friend.  As a part of the session, she shared a lovely video to introduce sign language. She read part of the story. Also made students learn sign language of alphabets from A – H. Students were also taught how to express happy, please, sorry, and thank you through sign language.

The students of Grades 1 and 2 had a puppet storytelling session conducted by the professional storyteller and puppeteer Ms. Renu Chamarthy. She chose a story from the scholastic publication titled ‘The Fabulous Friend Machine.’  Which conveyed the importance of valuing the friends we have in our lives. It was an interactive narrative session where students had the opportunity to predict and voice out the choices each character would make in the story. Students were excited and participated actively in the session. The creative writing session for Grade 3-5 was facilitated by Ms. Dipti Das. Ms. Das is an avid reader with interests spanning from travel, blogging to Writing. She focussed on the concept of creating one’s style of writing. She encouraged students to start writing a minimum of 500 words to improve and work on their writing style. Ms. Dipti was keen on answering questions, doubts, and clarifications that students had concerning Creative Writing. It was an informative and interesting session.

The students of grades 6 to 8 participated in an Author Speak Session with the author Rajesh K K. The session began with Mr. Rajesh asks questions such as the genre of their interest, have they tried writing, the themes they have used. He shared his experience as a young reader and his writing journey. Threw light on tips for effective writing to young budding writers. The session concluded with a quiz on literature.

The second part of the session was conducted between 3.00 to 3.45 PM. Where in the Pre Primary Students were part of a Storytelling session conducted by Neha Toshniwal. Ms. Toshniwal is a certified storyteller from Kathalaya and a German language coach. She freelances with Kathalaya and Scholastic Publishers and has been conducting workshops for children between the ages of 4 to 8 years for the last 8 years. She likes to bring out the creative side of children encouraging them to be innovative and imaginative. She believes the child acquires learning through stories that last forever. She narrated “The mountain that loved a bird”, “The stonecutter” and “Pete the Cat” stories. Children enjoyed the stories and also shared their thoughts about the story with the narrator. Mr. C. G Salamander read the extract of his recent book “Moodunit” to students of Grades 1 and 2 in an Author Speak session. Post introduction of the author, he guided the students to draw a comic. He shared tips on how to draw a comic. The session concluded with Q&A.

A skit writing workshop was conducted by Ms. Ayushi and Ms. Maitreyi for the students of Grades 3 to 5. The resource people are students from Srishti Institute of Design, Bangalore. The session began with a warm-up activity, followed by the introduction of skit and skit writing and the four important elements of it- character, storyline, scenes, and dialogues.  The students voted and selected the topic titled, ‘A day in my life’ from the options given. They decided on three scenes, character names and were divided into three breakout rooms to create the scenes they were responsible for. This session came to an end after the reflection activity. Ms. Sindu Roy facilitated the workshop on how to write a travel blog for the students of Grades 6 to 8. Ms. Sindhu is an avid traveler, photographer, and blogger. The session highlights include how to write on travel, the components of a travel blog, and the layout of a blog. The second part of the session was dedicated to answering questions and students got their doubts clarified by Ms. Sindhu Roy. It was indeed a time of fruitful conversations.

Students of grades 9 to 12 had a Short Film making session conducted by Ms. Nisha Satpure. The session began when Ms. Satpure introduced herself as a cinematographer. She also shared her experiences in the field of cinematography. She played a video that depicted the backend struggles of all cinematographers and took over the session by conducting an interactive discussion with the students. Students shared their observations and the purpose of having each department in film making. She took us through the journey from mini shots to a complete feature film. She also shared her experiences working with the Marathi Film Industry. Students came up with a lot of curious questions geared towards creativity. It was a session of complete engagement from both parties.

The virtual literary festival came to an end with the final slot of events conducted between 4.00 to 4.45 PM. Where the students of Pre-primary students participated in the last story of the event narrated by Ms. Shwetha Narayan. Ms. Shweta Narayan, a parent of Ekya JPN conducted a storytelling session based on a book named ‘Room on the broom’ written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Students found it interesting and were engrossed in the story. Ms. Shwetha captured them with creative gestures and facial expressions. Overall this session helped the young minds to expand their creative thinking. A Puppet Making workshop was conducted for the students of Grades 1 and 2 by Mr.  Karthik Shinde, who has been working with Ekya JPN as a visual art specialist. The session began by sharing a story titled ‘A Pair of Twins.’ written by Kavitha Mandanna. Post narration, Mr. Karthik instructed the students to make the puppet of the elephant and Sundari- two main characters of the story using paper and color pencils. The children were amused at their creation and were satisfied with the new learning resulted from the session.

Students of Grades 3 to 5 participated in an Author Speak session conducted by Ms. Rasil Ahuja. Ms. Ahuja introduced her new book “Unfair” to the audience. Read the extracts from the book and made it interesting for the students by having an interactive session. She provided tips on writing a poem with an example. The session concluded with Q&A. The Author Speak session for grades 6 to 8 was conducted by Vrunda Bansode. She currently heads India Data Insights, a data portal for the Indian social sector, at Sattva Consulting. She has co-authored the book Become a Junior Inventor. She spoke about her book and encouraged students to think like young entrepreneurs. Students were motivated by her talk and almost all participants had a question to ask her.  She very promptly answered all their questions like; how to start a business,  make a profit, a platform to reach the customers, etc. The session was very informative and uplifting for the students.

Dr. Rakesh Godhwani facilitated a discussion on Effective Communication for the Students of Grade 9-12. This was live-streamed on our social media handles and was very informative and engaging as Dr. Rakesh shared his personal experiences and how he decided to follow his passion and has been enjoying what he does. The session focused on the six C’s such as Confidence, Communication, Collaboration, Curiosity, Creativity, and Competence. There was a Q&A session towards the end and students posed some exciting questions to the Author. It was a time of energetic and lively conversations.

This Literary festival conducted by Ekya Book Nook was truly an opportunity for the students to meet and interact with professionals of literature. Explore the literary world and fall in love with its limitless ability through hands-on workshops and a great source of inspiration to kindle the joy of reading in young minds.

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