The Power of Reading
Is reading overrated? Some believe it is, and others think it can transform lives. We’d like to know what reading involves and whether it deserves its importance.

What is reading?
Reading is looking at written symbols and getting meaning from them. It can range from prescribed textbooks, fiction, scientific journals, newspapers, comics and even the advertisement behind the bus! A reader may be inclined to read a particular style or genre, which is absolutely fine.

What is a good age or time to start reading?
Now! Studies show that children who have been read to while still in the womb or even when they were as young as one or two months benefit from better cognitive development than those who do not start early. You may wonder whether you have missed the bus by not starting early with your child. The good news is that there is always time to start. Some children are later bloomers and may start reading only after their teens or sometimes even in adulthood. Some may not be inclined to read but do so out of necessity.

What kind of books should I get for my child?
Everyone can be a book lover; finding the right books for that person is only a matter of. A child interested in physical activities may like sports magazines or biographies of sports persons. Similarly, a child interested in Math and Sciences may enjoy reading factual material like encyclopedias or even fiction like mystery novels!

How do I sustain my child’s reading habits?
In this day and age of gaming and chatting with friends online, it is easy for a child to get distracted. As a parent, you can facilitate reading in a few ways-

  • Creating a small reading nook in the house, which is well-lit and comfortable.
  • Providing an array of reading material.
  • Asking the child to retell the story.
  • Having a dedicated family reading time.
  • Asking the child to review the book.

Following these tips can be the beginning of a lifelong relationship with reading. Everyone can be a book lover, so get that book out and start!

By Sweta Rao
Teaching Staff, EKYA Schools JP Nagar

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