Friends support you, they help you grow. They make you resilient and show your shortcomings. I have such a friend – Failure!!

She is close to me as she has been with me more often than others. She made me learn and be fearless. She kept crossing my path, to show me that I have infinite strength to endure. Endure the humiliation and the pain of losing. Whenever I met this teacher-friend of mine and moved beyond, I found new ways to travel and to grow immensely to create my best version. 

Now the best of successful people have met failure more often. Thomas Edison was thrown out of school as he was considered “stupid to learn anything”. Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse was told he “lacked creativity and imagination”. These greats and many more met with failures and bounced back as better individuals than before and achieved what was unthinkable till that point in time. 

This friend of mine has made a promise. Promise to meet me now and then while I am on the highway of success so that I remain humble and sharpen my axe of learning. That I empathize with others, accept things and people as they are and that I come to agree that things won’t go the way I want. She made me know the strength and abilities that I never knew I had. 

I have a great association with this friend of mine and am inclined to introduce her into my workplace, to my colleagues and students especially. In this fast-paced, result-oriented, and competitive world; are we letting and training our students to accept this friend? Haven’t we heard a parent asking -” How much did you score in Math out of 100”? “99 – says the Child” “where did you lose 1”- pounces the parent back! Or a teacher preaching to the students before the exam “ Get full marks and make me proud”.

As educators, we have to let the students know that they would fail at times and that failing is okay. Earlier the better. They learn a better lesson. Let them know that the hare and the tortoise have a different pace and a different race to run. And that they need to learn to enjoy the run more than dash at the finish line. And that going past their failures shall make their success sweeter.  

Faithful Friends are forever!

By, Chitra Venkateswaran – Ekya ITPL

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