“ Champions keep playing until they get it right.” You all are champions of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

Synergy-an interschool skating competition had participants from Ekya ITPL, Ekya J.P Nagar, Ekya Byrathi & CMR NPS participated in this event.

Synergy is all set to bring out the teamwork, harmony, and unity in all of us, this is also an opportunity to develop respect and love for this lovely and vigorous sport. Skating is a unique sport that increases one’s balance and agility. It improves endurance, burns calories and makes the heart stronger. Skating is the epitome of hard work and dedication.

The students were all given a numbered sticker. This was an important identification and had to be stuck to their helmet.

They were seated in the places allotted to them to ensure the smooth conduct of the event.

 The course of the 150 m  race was 3 laps around the rink. The course of the 300 m  race was 6 laps around the rink.

The first-aid facility was also available for any immediate emergencies.

Refreshments were provided for all participants and were handed over to the teachers-in-charge. 

We have student volunteers stationed at strategic points for helping you. Please reach out to them if you need anything.

The warm-up areas helped the children to prepare for the actual event.

The first race was Tenacity which is the 150m race.

The next race was the Tenacity 300m race.

Followed by 150m Inline race.

The 300m Inline race.

The 150m Quads race.

The last race of the day was the 300m Quads race.

 The medals and certificates were distributed by Ms Ayesha Sirajuddin, Head of South Campuses, Ms Sharadha, Assistant Manager, Ekya Learning Centre, Ms.Deeparani HOS Ekya BTM Layout, Ms Asha Doris Senior Academic Coordinator Ekya BTM, Ms Madhuri Iyer CCA Coordinator Ekya BTM, Ms Vijayalakshmi Anilkumar Coordinator Preprimary Ekya BTM gave away the prizes to the winners. The event marked the success of the debut campus marquee event.

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