As we ushered in the new year with renewed hope, Ekya School, Byrathi, continued to emphasize the aspect of being a sensitive citizen, especially during this time of uncertainty towards academics and activities of the offline school. As the topic of Global citizenship has been at the forefront of our year-long activities, we revisited the topic in our Zero Period conducted on Friday, 7th January 2022.

Global citizenship is not simply defined as one thing; it is a large array of various definitions. A global citizen is a citizen of the world and as global citizens, we have to support and care for humankind as a whole. A PowerPoint presentation on this was shared and discussed with the students highlighting the importance of being a thoughtful and considerate human being and incorporating these values in their daily lives.

As part of the writing skill activity, which plays an important aspect of our Zero Period on 7th January 2022,  students were instructed to write a speech. Students were asked to imagine that they had visited an Old Age Home and based on their experiences have to write a speech to present it in their School Assembly. Children actively participated and uploaded their speeches. It culminated in Children writing their opinions and sharing their thoughts with their peers and teachers.

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