“Yo, Ms.Clemintine thinks that the Cunfra is under the bleachers.”

“The what?”

“The Cunfra. Don’t tell me tyou don’t know what it is!”

“I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no clue what the Cunfra is. It sounds like something straight out of a movie.”

“Well today in history, Ms.Clemintine told us about this precious book that lies hidden inside this school. She said that kids long ago wrote about it, and hid it. She also said that it holds some kind of legend or curse or something. But, who believes that.


Hi, I’m Noah. I used to live in Philadelphia for 12 years, but I recently shifted to Maine due to dad’s work. I am 15 years old and I go to Falmouth High School. This is the kind of school where kids act like actors from movies. Some are over-dramatic, some exaggerate a bit too much, and some just chill. I personally just chill.

I wanted to share with you this incident that happened to me a few days ago. It has kind of shaken me up a bit. It involves the grumpy school janitor, and myself, and a bathroom. So get yourself comfortable and a bag of popcorn if you wish, and sit back. I’ll take questions at the end.

It was just my second day here, and I was having a bad tummy-ache. I asked my teacher to excuse me out of class and went to the boy’s washroom. The janitor, Mr.Bram was kind of in a bad mood. But he is always, so nevermind that. I saw him holding a book. I assumed that it was some kid’s book. It was only us two in the washroom and something with being alone with someone else just creeps me out. Anyway, I finished my business and I came out to find Mr.Bram gone. He had left a book on the counter, so I opened it. Here is what it said:

       Today was the third day after Charlie’s demise and  I am really missing him. I didn’t mean for him to go up, but I honestly had no other choice. If I hadn’t passed the promise onto him, I would not have been here right now. This was the sorry, not sorry kind of situation. Anyway, I don’t want to say much as if I do, it will get confusing for you. But just one thing, to the person who is reading this, the curse is going to be soon onto you.

I really wanted the last 3 minutes of my life to be erased. What curse, who’s Charlie, and why does Mr.Bram have this book?

“You!” Mr.Brams grumpy voice sounded the room. “I knew you were going to cause trouble when you walked in.”

“I-I-I can explain”. I stuttered. “It was a book, I thought it was my math book. It’s been lost”

“Hmph. You have the curse don’t you. Ughh, kids these days always have their pointy nose in everything. Fine, let me explain.

“This curse was put on a boy named Dixin 55 years ago. You say a promise in front of the book, then you die within the next 2 days. The only way to break it is to pass the promise on to another person in front of the book.”

“Oh dear, I better tell my enemy to promise me something,” I said getting up.

“Oh! And one more thing, can you promise me not to tell anyone about this book. People think it is hidden, let it be this way”

“I promise,” I said without thinking. In a flash, I looked up and saw Mr.Bram’s sly yet creepy grin. I have the curse now!! 

By Kriti Madan,

Grade 8A, Ekya School, JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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