In that one moment that mattered
I was here, because of you.
It isn’t very easy for me to express
What it is you mean to me,
For all my glittery pretences
Of being good with words,
I fail still to string together
A sentence to say thank you.
Thank you.
As simple as it sounds,
It is merely only the absence
Of all silence.
It is the uncomfortable noise, and
companions are needed
in alleyways at night.
gross, dark and motley,
yet bittersweet nonetheless
hands are to be held
in the absence of all sight.
in the dark, when people look
stalk your sorry obedience-
in that dark, the noise grows
and it is that dark when I need most
your words that have a sense
of profound and poignant comfort.
So, hear me, when I say thank you,
because it is actually all long due-
I know it is very cliche of me to say
that I’ll remember us, but perhaps I won’t.
all I can, is say it all now, say it like I can’t.
I owe my sight to your light
in my tunneling, narrow path,
curving straight and falling deep-
so, hear me, when I say thank you
for being the axel to my wheel,
I’ll still turn and roll,
but only because I can say
that I had a friend like you.

By, Atharv Mishra, Grade 11, Ekya ITPL

Posted by Ekya

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