My dream destination is Moon, I would love to go to the moon because from childhood I have always been fascinated by Moon, its color, its brightness, and Grandma’s stories about the moon. 

As I grew up, I came to know that the moon is the only satellite of the earth. It is a bright object in the night sky. It does not have any light of its own but reflects the light of the sun. The moon is approximately 238000 miles away from the earth and hence looks small. It takes around twenty-eight days to revolve around the earth and approximately the same time to complete one rotation. The moon has fascinated man since the beginning of his life on the earth. He has looked at it with wonder. Many poets have composed beautiful poems on the moon. Scientists tried to reveal the mystery of the moon. They wanted to send a human to the moon. Several attempts were made to place a man on the moon. At last two Americans-Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin-reached the moon on July 21, 1969. They walked on the surface of the moon and collected the lunar rocks. They returned to the earth safely. The American scientists have sent men to the moon several times. Now the moon has been conquered by man. It is no longer a mysterious object. 

Also during the lockdown, I had attended online programs organized by my school about space and life in space. The book on Sunita Williams was part of my subject last year. These have added a sense of curiosity in me and I wanted to be in space and experience the thrill of space. Also on the moon, we cannot walk like on earth because of gravitational attraction and we will be floating or we need to adjust the pressure, I would like to experience that adventure. That’s why I want to be the first to go to the moon! 

Anushka, Grade 6A EITPL 

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