Krishna Janmashtami 2022

Hi everyone.. How did you celebrate Janmashtami this year? What do you like about God Krishna??  Janmashtami is Krishna’s Happy birthday celebration, who would not like a birthday celebration isn’t it??

I love to celebrate it. my mother used to dress me up as little Krishna every year on Janmashtami day but this year I chose to wear a shirt with a Krishna painting which we got from our guruvayur trip, and this year Janmashtami is more special as we got a lovely Krishna from Guruvayur itself- it feels like he is smiling at us every time I look at him!! We prepared many bacchanals – all Krishna’s favorites as aachi said- butter murukku, seedai, the Kushal, and so many more names I forgot already!! and yes, his favorite Butter, milk, curd, and avalakki! Krishna is alankara priyan- which means he loves to be dressed up and celebrated!! so amma made all the decorations like every year- flowers, thulasi, lotus flowers were used.. and yes the footsteps were drawn using rice flour!! They are so tiny and cute!!!

This year’s special -is Krishna nartanam kolam ( Krishna dance kolam ) which has so many Krishna footsteps and we decorated the kolam with flowers and dreams (diyas). This has a special meaning- Krishna comes and dances and rejoices at our place on Janmashtami!! to mark that we draw this kolam it seems!! interesting no? By evening we were all ready for pooja, bhajan, and naivedyam, yes we clicked lots of pics and blessings from elders, and yay we got to eat yum bakshanam!! Like a birthday party isn’t complete without the snacks and games- Janmashtami is similar no? we had bakshanam prepared for Krishna, my grandparents told me so many stories about Kutty Krishna Leela, and I was told every child is like Krishna for all the naughtiness we do!! Amma keeps all the bakshanam at night hoping Krishna will rejoice in it!! and looks at it the next morning and does pooja. As always I love learning about new things at every festival.  Let me know about your celebration too. Happy Janmashtami everyone, May we all be blessed by Lord Krishna and be happy and smiling.



Aaryan Vittal

Grade 4A,

Ekya School, JP Nagar

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