To be honest, I joined Ekya School, Byrathi with a lot of apprehension for the IGCSE program because of leaving my old friends, and here the class size was small so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make new friends, etc. However, to my surprise, I’m having a lot of fun in this school right now. I enjoy all the classes and the virtual company of my friends. I couldn’t have asked for more

It’s been nearly six weeks since I started my journey in Ekya but it feels like it has only been a few days. We have the best teachers in our school. All the teachers are well trained and friendly. They guide us in the best possible way. They teach a topic and then give actual life examples or do activities to implement it in practical life scenarios. They are available all the time and guide us through one on one interactions even after school hours. Usually, Principals are strict; however, our School Principal is very friendly and caring. She keeps visiting our classes frequently to ensure we’re doing good. She also gives us college and career guidance. 

Our school uses an excellent learning platform called Schoology. This resource consists of many features: an online library, discussion forums, easy access for the parents, daily school announcements, updates, and many more. It is also very easy to use. Even though I did not make many friends, I was able to make five friends. They help me with school work like home assignments, notes, and more. In only a few days, I got comfortable around them because of their kindness and friendliness. 

This school offers IGCSE and ICSE board curriculum. I’m in 9th Grade and I opted for the IGCSE curriculum. Frankly, it’s by far the most interesting and challenging curriculum. It has elaborate explanations for every topic, which makes it a very effective way of learning. This curriculum focuses on skill development which should help with getting placed in good colleges and helps us create a bright and better future for ourselves. Despite the pandemic and lockdowns, Ekya has offered us many co-curricular activities, and it hasn’t even been half a year. There are clubs, competitions, poetry/story writing, and much more. I’ve tried participating in as many as I could, and I am having a lot of fun. 

I have enjoyed every bit of time I spent with this school so far and I’m sure that I’ll continue to do so.

By, Neha Suresh, Grade 9 IGCSE, Ekya School, Byrathi

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