There’s a common misconception that expressing one’s creativity can only be done through art and other visual means. Although taking a deeper look into the very essence of creativity, we find that it simply isn’t true. Creativity is expressing your individuality and characteristics through various types of work and ideas. That being said, it isn’t limited to only visual arts and crafts, is it? Essentially, any type of distinctiveness based on your imagination qualifies as creativity. That can range from a painting with your toes to a series of original novels written by yourself.

“You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the greater you have” is an eye-opening quote by Maya Angelou. This quote imposes on us the fact that creativity is more than just an aptitude and is more of innate talent or power that everyone possesses, just in different ways. A real-life instance of that would be writing a story every so often, and each time your sense of vocabulary and range of words, that you have a command over, will expand. You get more imaginative and your stash of words will increase, allowing you to have a more flexible and creative way of expressing your sentiments.

The run-of-the-mill and stereotypical statement that, “Intelligent people are more creative”, has caused countless young people, who had extraordinary creativity but lagged in academics; to never explore opportunities and make a name for themselves in the creative fields. In fact, contrary to that statement, studies have proven that intelligence has no correlation to the creative ability of an individual, whatsoever.

In today’s modern society, digitalization and the fear of what others might think of you are what holds back one’s innovativeness and ability to solve problems. Letting ourselves get defeated by society’s opinions and judgments could be the greatest downfall, as that prevents us from evolving as a species. 

By, Ritam Reddy, Grade 9 IGCSE Ekya School, Byrathi

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