Everyone ‘likes’ their school and thinks it’s the best school they have been to and some people don’t like the school they are in. Well, for me ‘EKYA’ is one of the best schools I have been to. It’s filled with joy, happiness and a lot of colours! The teachers in the school are so kind and respectful. My friends in the school are kind, sweet and funny. In the morning as soon as I get out of my bed I always look forward to going to school. In excitement, I quickly make my bed and get ready for school, and before I know it I am ready 20 minutes early. I am always ready to greet my teachers in the morning, I love to see my friends and teachers. My teachers always add colours to whatever they teach. My friends are always there for me. Ekya has changed my life and made it even better. I remember when I walked into Ekya for the first time. It was my entrance exam and seeing small kids playing in the playground, kids chatting, teachers teaching with a smile, kids learning happily, I was already in love with the school. The most important day was my first day of school. I was nervous and felt lonely because I was new. I cried, and I remember that the teachers were comforting me and my Principal made me sit in her office, talked to me, and comforted me. I remember on children’s day, the teachers made it so special with dance and we played so many games. I enjoyed that day and the children’s day was the best day of my life. I enjoyed building the science cell model last year in 6th grade, it was a fun activity and I learned different parts of the cell. In 5th-grade in visual arts class, we were asked to go around the school, look around and draw whatever attracted us. So, I enjoyed going around the school and I drew a tree and the P.E ground. This was a fun experience for me. I love Ekya because in this school the teachers, kids, and the Principal are very sweet. So if you have to choose a school then choose “EKYA BYRATHI”. I love you Ekya and you are like family to me!

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