On 15th April 2014, the Supreme Court gave a historic and revolutionary judgment in the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) vs Union of India case, identifying transgender people as the “third gender” in India.  According to this judgment, transgender people have the right to be treated equally under the constitution of India.
When the Supreme Court has given this judgment why can’t we accept the fact that they are equal? When we can update our phone’s software once a month, why can’t we do the same with ourselves? When we have the privilege of making our personal choices, we dye our hair, we change our jobs, religion, nationality by moving elsewhere, etc. but why is a person changing his/her gender such a big deal? Who made such a rule?
They go through so many hardships in their lives. Their parents don’t accept them in their childhood so most of them run out of their houses leaving all their comforts and security- just so they have the freedom to choose their gender. Their struggle doesn’t end here. As a society we treat them terribly, we don’t give them jobs though they possess the talent. Many schools and colleges don’t admit them because they think their reputation will be ruined. Due to these situations, they are forced to beg on the streets. And they are denied health care facilities too. People behave very inappropriately and harass them. Did you know, 59% of the respondents in the transgender communities have experienced violence?
We need to stop this. When we witness people ill-treating them, we need to take action. We should show them the love and affection they probably didn’t receive in their childhood. We should treat them equally and give them the opportunities they deserve.

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