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Ekya / September 08, 2023 Posted by : administrator

India’s unwavering curiosity about the universe has found new wings with the upcoming Chandrayaan-3 mission. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2, this mission is poised to propel India’s lunar exploration efforts to greater heights.

Chandrayaan-1, launched in 2008, marked a significant milestone by confirming the existence of water molecules on the Moon’s surface. In 2019, Chandrayaan-2 embarked on an audacious mission to achieve a gentle landing on the Moon’s southern pole, showcasing India’s prowess in interplanetary exploration.

Chandrayaan-3 represents the next chapter in India’s lunar exploration saga. The mission is strategically crafted to assimilate the lessons from its predecessors. The primary objective is unequivocal: to execute a precise and safe landing on the lunar surface, mitigating the challenges faced during Chandrayaan-2’s descent.

This mission encapsulates pioneering goals that promise to illuminate the Moon’s enigma. The rover is poised to traverse the lunar landscape, meticulously analyzing soil and rock samples to unveil the Moon’s geological narrative. Furthermore, Chandrayaan-3 aspires to augment our comprehension of the Moon’s origin, history, and potential as a reservoir of resources.

The technological prowess of India takes centre stage in Chandrayaan-3. The mission integrates innovative landing sensors and components into its design, ensuring a secure and controlled touchdown. The rover, an engineering marvel, will be armed with advanced instruments, facilitating the meticulous examination of lunar surface materials.

Collaboration forms the heartbeat of Chandrayaan-3’s expedition. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) actively engages with international partners, fostering a spirit of shared knowledge and expertise.

Beyond its scientific mandate, Chandrayaan-3 becomes a source of inspiration for future generations. By embarking on ambitious space missions, India aims to kindle the flame of scientific curiosity among the youth, beckoning them to explore the limitless expanse of space exploration.

As Chandrayaan-3 readies itself for its lunar odyssey, it symbolizes India’s dedication to scientific advancement, innovation, and exploration. This mission serves as a reminder that every stride taken in unravelling the mysteries of the celestial expanse draws humanity closer to comprehending the universe’s most fascinating questions.

Kishan Muralidhara Konagolli, Grade 9B
Ekya School, JP Nagar

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Ekya / October 10, 2023

The Truth of Time

The Truth of Time

The mountain tops shiver As the snow begins to shower The water flows to cover The secrets of the river.

The birds trill near the lake As the morning sun awake The lion cub to take The crown for the sake.

The windows patter The things clatter The world scatter As our deeds matter

Isana G K
Grade 7
Ekya Schools, ITPL

Ekya / October 10, 2023

Financial literacy from an early age

It’s Jan 2022, I am in grade 6 as a substitute teacher. I ask the students to introduce themselves. They also get curious to know about me. As soon as I tell them that I am a senior grade teacher and I teach Accounts and Business studies, they are intrigued. The word Business catches their attention and some of them express their interest in Finance.
Now, I was fascinated to hear the word finance from such young children. Particularly fascinated by a young student Ms Ahaana Shetty, who explained how she manages her pocket money, as taught to her by her father. She had a clear understanding of creating a balance between saving and spending.
This was not the case in the earlier times. We can quote examples of celebrities who, despite having earned a fortune, burnt their hands at poor financing decisions. Amitabh Bachan’s ABCL took on more than it could handle, like the Miss World pageant, and exhausted all money. Then it took bank loans which it couldn't repay. Mr. Bachchan had retired, so there was no income and no savings. The moral of the story is, that even if people earn astronomical sums, they need to invest it so that it keeps growing.
Having said that, it boils down to the fact that financial literacy at an early age is pivotal for building a strong foundation for financial well-being throughout life. Teaching children about money, budgeting, savings and investments from a young age will help them make informed financial decisions. They can avoid the financial perils faced commonly by people.
The challenge in educating young children about finance would be the financial jargon which they may find overwhelming and difficult to understand. Hence it becomes important to use age-appropriate terminology.
As parents, we can give a reasonable amount of allowance to our children and ask them to use it wisely for needs, and wants and also save a part of it. This will help them to understand the concept of budgeting. We must also encourage them to make informed purchasing decisions, look for discounts and become a smart shopper.
A simple step like opening a savings bank account for the child and making them understand how a bank account works will introduce them to the importance of keeping money safe. They will understand how regular savings will grow over some time due to the compounding of interest.
Children must be taught about loans too. They need to understand that loans should not be borrowed if one is not sure of financial ability to repay. Also, they need to be taught that loans must be repaid timely, or else they will keep becoming bigger due to accumulating interest.
Older children can be introduced to the concepts of stocks and mutual funds. They can be encouraged to follow investments over time and learn about the dynamics of stock markets.
Schools can introduce financial literacy programs and take initiatives to incorporate financial education as part of the curriculum.
I would like to conclude by saying that it is essential for everyone to be financially literate and wisely invest money to grow it. It is equally important to keep track of investments. One should not spend more than what one earns, even if the earnings are enormous, otherwise, the money will not last very long. Remember, it is your money.

Ekya / October 10, 2023

A Guide To Navigating Academic Stress

Academic pressure and impending board exams can feel like an overwhelming storm, but as a 10th-grade student who's been through the burnout ringer, I've discovered effective strategies to stay afloat. When stress creeps in, I lean on a toolbox of coping mechanisms that help me maintain balance and clarity.

Understanding my panic patterns has been key. I've learnt that giving my all is important, but the outcome isn't a mirror of my worth. I remind myself of this and reframe my perspective. To escape my study-clogged mind, I turn to books – they whisk me away to new worlds, however briefly. Music acts as a soothing balm; I limit panic to 5 minutes and then channel my energy into finding solutions.

Engaging in physical activities is another lifesaver. Running or spending time outdoors channels my pent-up energy, allowing my mind to reset. Moreover, taking up hobbies like painting or playing a musical instrument provides a welcome distraction and cultivates a sense of accomplishment beyond academics.

Remember, you're more than your grades. Embrace your unique strengths, employ these strategies, and watch stress lose its grip. With determination, self-awareness, and a dash of escapism, you'll breeze through the academic whirlwind.

Written By: Ahaana Singhal Student of Grade 10

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#StudentBlogger: Field trip to Janapada Loka By N.KHarishwar, Grade 8, Ekya Schools, ITPL

Hey, folks!

Grade 8 of Ekya ITPL had their field trip to a fantastic place called Janapada Loka and a bonus trip to the Channapattna Toy Factory on July 6th, 2023.

We were expected to arrive at school by 7 AM because the trip took a sloth-speed 4-hour journey. Then, after attendance and washroom breaks, we left in a bus with speakers, ACs(that didn't work(for us, duh!), and disco balls.

As I got onto the bus, I found a convenient three-seater to sit with my friends. As the journey through Bangalore began, we gossiped about what we discussed. Then, one of our teachers connected their phone to the bus's speakers, and the music melodies began! Me and my friends kept chatting, playing hand cricket, dancing, eating, and reading throughout the bus journey.

Once we spotted Janapada Loka next to a U-turn, we expected the bus to turn there. But that didn't happen. We should go a little longer for the next U-turn(why, though?). But what I expected didn't happen either! The bus took a few other turns, and we finally ended up at the Channapttna(pronounced chen-na-pat-ta-naa(according to the guide) Toy Factory!

There, a guide told us about the types of wood used to craft these toys and other things about the factory; we then went into the factory to get a glimpse of how each one of these toys was specially handcrafted. It was an astonishingly small room in a one-storey building. We got to see how the workers made the toys. Also, the floor was covered in sawdust. And I mean a LOT of sawdust.

Pictures of the Toy Factory and the trees from which the wood is obtained and a few carved pieces

Then, we were allowed to buy toys that a man outside the factory was selling. I bought a keychain(below). We then departed and made for the place whose entrance we had seen earlier: Janapada Loka(pronounced ja-na-pa-dha lo-kaa).

The keychain

Once we reached it, we formed a line and went to a nice open space for us(general visitors) to use later. We did some random clapping activity(I have no idea why) and then dispersed. We were told that there was an assessment in SST. So my friend grabbed his book and pen, and we got six and a half pages worth of notes(which turned out to be useless, as the assessment was cancelled… then that's a story for later time)!

We then visited many small one-story buildings showcasing one aspect of Karnataka's culture. The first one we entered had all the vessels(pots, pans, etc.), farming tools, storage containers, etc.

Grinding stones

Then, we went outside only to find ourselves crowded around a statue of a man. After the guide's explanation, we discovered that the figure was that of Mr Nage Gowda, the founder of Janapada Loka. Then, we went into another one-story building (one was called Loka Mandira). We learnt about Mr Nage Gowda, how his interest in Karnataka's rich heritage and culture created Janapada Loka, and how he even built that place—a room housed pictures of him and his belongings in a glass case.

Statue of Mr Nage Gowda

At one point, we reached a vast amphitheatre built into the ground. We quickly gathered there for a photoshoot and moved on.

After a while, we returned to the grassy spot to have lunch. My friend and I decided to go shopping and get keychains. I picked mine quickly, but my friend took ages, making us lose the rest of our class! Fortunately, one of our teachers awaited us, and we caught up with the rest.

We went through many houses recreated as closely as possible to the actual rural village houses, enabling us to visualise rural life. They included a lot of sculptures of women, men, and children. They didn't allow pictures, but I managed to get some anyway. The lighting could have been better, though(my pics are shaky).

A collage of all the pictures I took

Oh, and I forgot to mention, we saw two cute little rabbits.

We were then taken to an auditorium where we were shown all the music and dance forms on a screen as a video. We then headed to our buses to return to school(mostly music(v bad/v good at the same time), dancing, fun, etc.)

It was a fantastic trip, and I will never forget it.

N.KHarishwar Grade 8 Ekya Schools, ITPL

#StudentBlogger: Striking a Harmonious Balance: Juggling Head Girl Responsibilities and Academic Success By Sheetal Nair, Ekya Schools, BTM Layout

Being appointed as the head girl of the school is an honour that comes with immense responsibilities. However, these responsibilities can sometimes clash with your academic commitments, making it crucial to find a balance that allows you to excel both as a head girl and a diligent student. 

Management is the key to maintaining a successful equilibrium between the head girl's responsibilities and studies. I chalk out a detailed schedule that includes my homework, study time, and head girl duties. I allocate specific time slots for each task and stick to my plan as consistently as possible.

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of my head girl role and set illogical and unfeasible goals. However, I make sure my goals are achievable and realistic in my leadership role and studies. I break down larger objectives into smaller, manageable tasks. We must celebrate our successes, whether organizing a successful event or taking a test. This positive reinforcement will keep us motivated to excel in all areas.

Striking a balance between head girl responsibilities and studies might seem daunting, but it's entirely achievable with careful planning, prioritization, and effective time management. Remember that being a successful head girl doesn't mean sacrificing your academic achievements, and vice versa. By embracing your leadership skills, setting realistic goals, and taking care of your well-being, you can excel in both domains and impact your school community while achieving academic excellence.   

Sheetal Nair (Head Girl- Ekya BTM)

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