It’s the unexpected that changes our lives… I have no idea how our lives will be impacted by it… One thing I now know for sure is that it will have a big impact on us, our society, life in the entire world.

Just a month ago, we never expected something like this could ever happen here. Just a week ago, our life was very predictable, with a simple daily routine, school, work, and trips we were looking forward to… And coronavirus was still only something we heard on the news… Now, all that’s left is uncertainty and the unexpected.

I am finding it really tough that my daughter not going to school because the classroom is their learning I have to think about what the students have at home, what access to materials they have and try to create lessons based on that. And all started with her favorite task of making words.

It’s really important for the children to communicate with their friends. Between, she once had got a chance to meet her dear ones! Her happiest day. .!!! 

Since, the situation was getting worst, We decided to move to our hometown and there starts a fun time! The most precious time a kid needs!! Having pappa every day with her, reading sessions with him, playing and being with her affectionate grandparents and spending her time with pets,(her most favorite). It has been like a mini picnic for her every day.

But think of the extraordinary and unprecedented bonding family experience you’re having. Let’s all hope for the best and our lives being back to normal. 

#StayHome #StaySafe


Supreeth M
Father of Samanvi Supreeth
Mont Sub Junior E1

Ekya JP Nagar

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