As parents, we might be inclined to create a minute by minute schedule for our kids.  We might as well have high hopes of learning, online activities, science experiments.

But here’s the thing, kids are just as scared as we are right now. Kids not only can hear everything that is going on around them, but they feel our constant tension and anxiety. Although the idea of being off school for weeks sounds awesome, they are probably picturing a fun time like summer break, not the reality of being trapped at home and not seeing their friends.

What kids need right now is to feel comforted and loved. To feel like it’s all going to be ok. And that might mean to tear up the “perfect schedule”.

It is time for kids to involve in some relaxing and soothing activities like play board games, or find a virtual field trip, start a book and read together as a family, indulge in some art activities, or even snuggle under warm blankets and do nothing.

These are the pictures of my daughter spending this time of lockdown at home doing her favorite activities.

Mom and daughter ..Yoga duo!!


Mother of P Shraavya Hande

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