At Ekya ITPL, we strongly believe in our motto, “Live the Lesson” and on 25th November 2017, we lived, breathed and cherished the lesson. As we know, Rome wasn’t built in a day;¬†Grades VI to XI worked very hard over several days to make the Ekya ITPL Open Day a remarkable and truly eye-opening event.

Countdown to the Open Day

A week before the Open Day, ideas were flying around, with brainstorming sessions to collect thoughts and with the help of teachers and coordinators, our students came up with a round of brilliant concepts. As the days went by, preparations picked up pace, with all sections of the Ekya ITPL campus reverberating to the sound of music, announcements and hectic activity.

The Event

The Amphitheatre was abuzz with students and their scripts, enacting beautiful street plays and skits. The Audio-Visual room made full justice to its name with instrumental music and wonderful structures from all over India¬†represented through a mesmerizing ‘Sound and Light’ show and Shadow dances. Young aspiring scientists and doctors were busy with working models of various ideas that occupied their mind and programmers worked their software wizardry. An entire poll booth had been set up at the Assembly area, with EVM machines created by the students to conduct a mock election: candidates, campaigns, manifestos et al.


Not only did this event enlighten parents on various topics, it also gave the students and teachers a chance to bring life to their thoughts and ideas and gave them a platform to showcase their talents. Parents, our guests for the day, were impressed by the efforts of the students and teachers, appreciating the exhibits put up by the students that were explained with great clarity. They also remarked upon the discipline maintained throughout the event.

A grand success, the event was made possible thanks to the well-coordinated efforts of our students and teachers, who put in weeks of hard work. We also take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all our parents for making time to celebrate and encourage the work of our students.

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