Have You Been To This Model Village Theme Park That Highlights The Cultural Heritage Of Karnataka?

We must not forget our roots and origins as we move towards a modern lifestyle. Let us introduce Rangoli Gardens, a model village theme park in Jakkur, which is a sculptural journey into the cultural heritage of Karnataka’s villages! Rangoli Garden is a fascinating and close-to-realistic sculptural journey into Karnataka’s economy, food habits, cultural traditions, religious events, recreations, and living conditions.

We found innumerable paintings, pictures, visuals, and eco-parks envisioned and crafted artistically by exceptionally skilled people. The primary mission is to develop art villages into the finest tourist destination and promote familiar people’s heritage practices and traditions.

As you walk in, you can see various depictions of village life, like siblings playing in a house, a school, a cow shed, a mail carrier delivering mail, a panchayat, and home scenes from a regular day in a village. It is a great spot to take the kiddos and show them a different way of life that is also educational. They also have live Mehendi, Pottery and Tanga, so free up your weekend!

Bharathi K
Ekya School, Byrathi
Teaching staff

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