On 20th February 2020 students of Ekya Byrathi visited Freedom Park in Bangalore as a part of study exposure. As a site of commemoration that materially enshrined the democratic values of reconciliation and freedom, the central jail of Bangalore has been revamped and reformed as a park. From Montessori to Grade-7 students were taken on a tour of the place where they observed the amphitheater, where the prisoners used to perform, ‘jail cells’ for various layers of crime, the hospital which used to treat the inmates, the watchtower, the parallel walls for movement of the prisoners, etc.

The students also played in the children’s park and also took an active part in the team bonding games organized for them. Post lunch, they head back to school and wrote a reflection on the important things they learned or saw during the field trip. It was an illuminating trip filled with fun activities. 

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