An expert talk on ‘Global Warming’  was addressed by Ms. Francoise Bosteels at our Byrathi campus. Ms. Francoise is an Iconic-Doll maker and she conducted a storytelling session to create an awareness about our environment through her handmade dolls. Different dolls narrate different stories of people, their professions, their struggles and their beliefs.

Stories such as fighting and scavenging food for survival and Chipko movement were discussed.

Ms. Francoise also explained the process of making dolls, where she uses pipe cleaners to make the basic skeleton of doll, surgical cotton to build the muscle structures, colors of flannel, bobbin cone, wool, flannel pieces, blouse piece for dress and stitching thread to make a beautiful doll with a strong message. 

Students of Grades 1 – 7 thoroughly enjoyed the carefully curated exhibition/storytelling session. 

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